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Online Program Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about what the online education experience is like at Talbot School of Theology? See the frequently asked questions below to get more details on what our online theology courses are like, including time commitment, course pace and more.

What’s a typical course like?

As with any well-designed course, the subject matter and the expertise of the professor determine what a course is like. So, there is variety. That said, most of our online and hybrid courses would include these elements: watching recorded lectures; interacting with your classmates in discussion forums; interacting with your classmates and professor on live video conferences; and communicating with your professor via email and video calls.

How much time per week should I expect to spend?

Every class is different, but, on average you should expect to invest at least 10–12 hours per week, per course, in a semester-long course (i.e., over 15 weeks).

Are the courses self-paced?

No. Students follow a course schedule that keeps them working together through the course material. There is still a fair bit of flexibility in that you determine when you do most of the work, however you can expect weekly deadlines. In some cases, you can expect weekly “Skype-like” video conferences in which you will meet at the same time with your professor and classmates for discussion. These conferences are scheduled to accommodate most people’s schedules.

How many courses can I take in a semester?

There’s no set limit. Since these are graduate level courses, you’ll want to schedule what you can reasonably handle. Most students in online programs discover that two courses per semester is about right. Keep in mind that each course could demand 10-12 hours of your time per week in a full 15 semester.

What kind of computer and equipment do I need?

Having a computer that’s no older than five years is best. Anything older and you are likely to experience difficulty. Having a webcam is a must because some of your courses will require video conferences. Click here for more on online education at Biola including technical specifications: Biola Online Technical Requirements.

Can I use Canvas on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! Click here for info on how to use Canvas on your iOS or Android enabled devices: Canvas on Mobile Devices.

Keep in mind that online and hybrid courses are created at Talbot with a minimum optimal screen resolution of 1024 x 600. In other words, it’s best on a laptop or desktop computer.

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