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B.A. in Journalism and Integrated Media

School of Fine Arts and Communication


Journalism is an important calling — one that involves seeking truth, exposing injustice, crafting compelling stories and maintaining high ethical standards. In Biola’s journalism and integrated media major, you’ll learn reporting and storytelling from experienced faculty and media professionals. At the same time, you’ll get real-world journalism experience in one of the world’s largest and most influential media centers.

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Why Choose Journalism and Integrated Media at Biola?

In addition to its strong curriculum, expert faculty members and biblical integration, Biola’s journalism and integrated media program offers several key advantages:

  • Biola has several award-winning student media opportunities where you can hone your journalism skills, including The Chimes (newspaper), The Point (magazine), EagleVision (webcast), Biola Radio and The Biolan (yearbook).
  • Several off-campus programs are ideal for journalism majors, including the American Studies Program, Biola Shakespeare, the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford and others.
  • Biola’s location in Southern California — one of the world’s largest and most diverse metropolitan areas — is ideal for internships, field research and job opportunities.
  • To prepare students for the job market, every student must gain hands-on media experience and create a department-approved digital portfolio to demonstrate their work.
  • The program is intentionally cross-cultural, encouraging students to tell the stories of people who don’t speak their language and who are often invisible to mainstream culture.
  • Biola offers the Torrey Honors Program, which can enhance your journalism education and training. This unique honors program immerses you in discussion-based courses that will hone your skills in truth-seeking and logical thinking, preparing you to become an expert communicator and storyteller.

What Will I Study?

As a journalism and integrated media student, your courses will aim to provide Christ-centered, interactive experiences in the areas of in broadcasting, cross-cultural and visual media, and writing and publishing. Degree program learning highlights include:

  • Current changes within American journalism
  • Topics in convergent media
  • The basics of editorial photography
  • Theoretical approaches to the First Amendment
  • Professional ethics in journalism
  • Examining personal calling and philosophies related to media
  • Public relations campaigns and cases
  • Investigative reporting on a current cultural problem or trend
  • Broadcast anchoring and announcing
  • Career readiness strategies: media tours, guest lectures and mock job interviews

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Annah Pritchett

In the journalism major at Biola University I am developing into an expert storyteller through a state-of-the-art education in writing, photo, video and online content. It is through this program that I have learned how to be a journalist who pairs curiosity with integrity, using media not to obscure, but to reveal the Gospel.

Annah Pritchett
Journalism and Integrated Media, B.A. '16
Katie Trent

Biola was the perfect environment for what a person should do during their college years: discover and choose who they are.

Director of Ops for The Well
Journalism and Integrated Media, B.A. '10
Josh Kristianto

Biola helped me understand what I believed since I was small more deeply and more clearly.

General Assignment Reporter at NBC Montana
Journalism and Integrated Media, B.A. '14
Olivia Blinn

I spent four years in an environment that took human flourishing seriously — that challenged me to ask what it means to seek shalom — and it changed how I view the world.

Humanitarian Aid Worker
Journalism and Integrated Media, B.A. '14
Kathryn Watson

Biola really prepared me not just for my field, but how to figure out how to impact the world for Christ as a journalist… By being honest, by being truthful, by living for the truth in word and in deed — that’s how we as Christian journalists, as I learned through my classes, are really supposed to be.

White House Reporter,
Journalism and Integrated Media, B.A. '11
4 years
Standard Duration
This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.
Total Program Credits
Total program credits include a combination of major/concentration, Bible/theology and general education credits.
Biola University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Additional accreditations may apply to specific programs.

Career Paths

Many career possibilities in areas like international affairs, publishing, sports and media await future graduates of Biola's journal and integrate media program. You can expect to impact the world for Jesus Christ in professions such as:

  • Broadcast anchor or script writer
  • Foreign news correspondent
  • Radio news reporter
  • News director
  • Newspaper or online reporter
  • Magazine editor or publisher
  • Graphics designer for print
  • Public relations director for corporate, nonprofit and ministry organizations
  • Newspaper or magazine photographer
  • Prosecutor, trial attorney, or judge
  • Sports information director

What are Graduates Doing Now?

Biola journalism and integrated media graduates have gone on to rewarding media careers throughout the United States. Professional highlights include:

  • Senior news editor for U.S. News & World Report
  • Associated Press reporter
  • Orange County Register feature writer
  • Washington Times general assignment reporter
  • Journalism professor
  • Attorney
  • City politics reporter
  • Broadcast writing course adjunct
  • KTVL Oregon reporter and weekend anchor
  • Radio show host
  • KKLA commercial and program announcer

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