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Alumni Success

Flourish in any Career Field

Biola’s communication degree is designed to equip you with the skills you need to dive straight in a variety of fields. The skills you gain at Biola will help you succeed after graduation. Take a look through some of our featured alumni stories to see firsthand how a Biola education can prepare you for professional success.

Jessica Short (’15)

My degree has helped me work in a variety of fields including fundraising, marketing, and information technology. Since graduating, I have used my communication skills to develop a blog, lead a small group, get a master's degree in executive leadership, and change career fields. I'm so grateful for everything I learned in Biola's communication studies department and how it prepared me for life after graduation.

Liam Timoti (’17)

As someone who has no law background, my boss was impressed that I was able to pick up on the jargon and thought process so quickly. I have to say thanks to the communication studies department at Biola for teaching me to think both critically and analytically that has helped me adapt to my current occupation.

Becky Todd (’14)

As a woman who has made her way in the corporate world, I owe a lot of what I came in knowing about organizational culture, interpersonal communications, and leadership to my education at Biola University.

Kathryn Watson

Biola really prepared me not just for my field, but how to figure out how to impact the world for Christ as a journalist… By being honest, by being truthful, by living for the truth in word and in deed — that’s how we as Christian journalists, as I learned through my classes, are really supposed to be.

Olivia Blinn

I spent four years in an environment that took human flourishing seriously — that challenged me to ask what it means to seek shalom — and it changed how I view the world.

Victoria Leigh Julien

The PR program at Biola challenged and developed my character, which is far greater than any hard or soft skill I learned in the classroom.

Eliset Zapien

I strongly believe that the PR industry needs more faith-based leaders and advocates. I'm so glad Biola is taking the lead in equipping the next generation of professionals with such opportunities.

Michael McKay

Studying PR at Biola University has been such a fulfilling experience. I've been so impressed with not only the comprehensive professional preparation the program offers, but also the integration of biblical concepts as a foundation for the discipline (a unique hallmark of a Biola education as a whole).

José Garache

I am confident that the skills I am learning at Biola’s PR program will prepare me to teach an organization the importance of strategic communication, building a strong relationship with its audience, and exceeding public interest.