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Courses | B.S. in Psychology

Below are the course requirements for this academic program. In addition to these program-specific requirements, please also see Biola's core curriculum for online bachelor's programs. For more program details, visit Biola's academic catalog.

Curriculum Requirements

A Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is offered upon completion of the University baccalaureate and major requirements. The Psychology, B.S. major requires the completion of 40 credits beyond PSYC 200, 24 of which must be upper-division.

Program-Specific Core Curriculum Courses
The Core Curriculum requirement for Kinesiology and Health Science has been waived for this major. The following courses are required to fulfill the Core Curriculum for Behavioral Science and Writing Competency Requirement.
Introduction to Psychology
Writing in the Disciplines (Post Trad Program section)
Bible Requirement
Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation
Foundations of Christian Thought
Old Testament History and Literature
New Testament History and Literature
Christian Theology
Early Christian History - Acts
BBST Integrative course (taken as APSY 265)
BBST Integrative course (taken as APSY 355)
BBST Integrative course (taken as APSY 425)
BBST Integrative course (taken as APSY 465)
Program Courses
All students must take the following thirteen program courses:
APSY 208Statistics for Research3
APSY 265Psychology and Christian Thought3
APSY 320Experimental Psychology3
APSY 325Developmental Psychology: Lifespan3
APSY 344Abnormal Psychology3
APSY 355Psychology of Health and Well-Being3
APSY 365Cognitive Psychology3
APSY 406Social and Cultural Psychology3
APSY 410Psychology in the Workplace3
APSY 414Theories of Personality3
APSY 417Counseling Techniques3
APSY 425Psychology of Marriage and Family Life3
APSY 465Positive Psychology3
APSY 490Psychology Capstone1
Program Course Requirements: 40 credits
Core Curriculum Requirements 152
General Electives28
Total Credits120

See Core Curriculum Program section for details.

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