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Current Students

Rosemead School of Psychology is a leading Christian psychology school and thoroughly prepares undergraduate, online bachelor's and graduate students to be ready for highly competitive positions. Explore the resources below that are available for our current students.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

Learn more about the scholarship and financial aid opportunities available for students in Rosemead School of Psychology.

View Undergraduate Financial Aid Opportunities

View Online Bachelor's Financial Aid Opportunities

View Graduate Financial Aid Opportunities

Helpful Resources

Explore the following resources below to guide you during and after your time at Biola.

Academic Advising

Learn how to build your academic plan and be equipped to succeed in your academic journey. 

Career Center

Build your career skills, engage in job searches and gain confidence to thrive after you graduate from Biola.

Student Apps & Resources

Stay connected and informed with mobile apps and other resources to help you succeed as a student.

Student Handbooks

Explore the comprehensive student handbooks for current undergraduate, online bachelor's and graduate students.

Graduate/Family Student Housing

For students living in graduate/family student housing, find information on eligibility and rates, emergency contacts, and helpful resources.