Distance Learning Format

Our unique distance Master of Arts (Christian Apologetics) presents premier academic training in a flexible hybrid distance learning format to committed evangelical Christians worldwide. This program requires a combination of fully distance classes and hybrid residency classes to complete this 39-credit degree.

Hybrid Residency Courses

20 credits

Students who enroll in the the Master of Arts (Christian Apologetics) program will complete 20 credits of their degree in a three-part hybrid residency course model. The following is an outline of the coursework:

  • Part One: Online Coursework (Spring Semester)
    Students begin their courses in the spring semester, completely online. All reading, online discussions and assignments will take place and will be completed online using our Canvas Online Learning Platform.

  • Part Two: Summer Residency (Summer Semester)
    Following the online spring semester, students are expected to attend related course lectures during the Summer Residency. During this two week time, there are a designated number of days for each course a student is registered for. A student’s stay for the Summer Residency may be as short as three days, or as long as the full two weeks.

  • Part Three: Online Coursework (Fall Semester)
    After students finish their Summer Residency, they will complete the remainder of their coursework during the fall semester, completely online.

Online and Independent Study Courses

19 credits

In addition to the three-part hybrid residency coursework, students must complete 19 credits of the program through online and independent study courses:

  • Online Courses
    These courses are conducted on the Canvas Online Learning Platform and require: weekly discussions, reading assignments, tests and essays — all lasting the duration of the summer. Faculty lead discussions, grade coursework and provide general course guidance.
  • Independent Study Courses
    These courses are based on audio lecture students listen to at their own pace. As a part of the coursework, students will submit exams, essays and other assignments to a coordinating professor. Other independent study options include arranged courses, such as directed studies, thesis projects and internships.

Weekend Seminars


Some students may wish to attend Weekend Seminars to fulfill a portion of their Residency requirement. Weekend Seminars are specialty elective courses, primarily offered on Biola’s campus and select locations across the country. These classes generally meet for sixteen hours over a Friday and a Saturday. Past lecturers include:

  • William Lane Craig
  • Greg Koukl
  • J.P. Moreland
  • J. Warner Wallace

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