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Courses | M.A. in Christian Apologetics

Below are the course requirements for this academic program. For more program details, including graduation requirements and learning outcomes, visit Biola's academic catalog.

Curriculum Requirements

Program Courses
Apologetics Core
CSAP 510Apologetics Research and Writing 11
CSAP 529Scripture: Authority, Canon, and Criticism2
CSAP 625Philosophy of Religion (Capstone Project for program is the term paper for CSAP 625.) 22
CSAP 626Ethics2
CSAP 628Why God Allows Evil2
CSAP 629Scientific Apologetics2
CSAP 651Comparative Religions 32
CSAP 691In Defense of the Resurrection2
CSAP 696Apologetics Practicum1
Biblical and Theology Core
CSAP 521Old Testament Survey3
CSAP 522New Testament Survey3
CSAP 541Essential Christian Doctrine I2
CSAP 542Essential Christian Doctrine II3
CSAP 638Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind I2
CSAP 639Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind II1
Elective Courses
Apologetics Electives (see Department for advising on elective courses)9
Total Credits39

It is highly recommended to take this in the first or second semester of the program.


Students normally should take CSAP 625 during their last year in the program.


CSAP 653, CSAP 654, CSAP 655, or CSAP 656 will also count for CSAP 651.

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