You study in a program like no other.

There are no degree programs like this one! The thirty-six semester unit curriculum is flexible, convenient, and offers students the opportunity to study broadly in the defense of the faith under some of the finest faculty in the field.

You learn from scholars who are active apologists.

The professors in the program are cutting-edge scholars committed to bringing light and truth to a dark age. Not only have they answered the non-Christian world through publishing the key books in the field, but through debates and lectures at secular campuses and other secular venues, they are taking serious and effective steps to reestablish the credibility of Christian truth claims.

You can study from anywhere.

In addition to a traditional on-campus format, our modular distance program allows you to be a part of the M.A. program from anywhere. Students typically complete the degree by studying from home during the spring and fall semesters through special online discussion groups and then by attending a two-week module on our campus in each of two summers.

If you choose to study through our traditional on-campus format, classes are offered in the late afternoon, in the evenings, and on weekends. Many classes meet one time each week for eight weeks. The program is designed to meet the needs of people with families, careers, and active lives. Students can make satisfactory progress toward the degree by devoting as little as one evening or Saturday per semester.

You study at one of “America’s Best Colleges”

Biola University is included by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Colleges”. Only 15 percent of all institutions made this list, and Biola is glad to be one of them. Biola is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

You are uniquely prepared for a variety of careers and ministries.

People with degrees in Christian Apologetics are successfully using their education and talents in a wide range of careers and ministries. In addition to being more effective witnesses for Christ and leaders and teachers in the church, some have gone on to do advanced graduate degrees. Others are using their unique training to defend the faith through radio and television broadcasting, teaching, writing, and a variety of apologetics ministries. Apologetics preparation is especially good for those interested in bringing the Gospel to secular college campuses.