Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    39 credits
  • Standard Completion Time

    2 years or more

    Full-time: 2 years
    Part-time: 3-4 years

  • Cost Per Unit


    All stated financial information is subject to change.

  • Program Format

    Distance Learning
  • Accreditation


Summer Residency

One of the highlights of the year for our M.A. students is the summer residency. Students come together at the Biola campus for up to two weeks to study under the best and the brightest in Apologetics and Science and Religion.

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Evangelical Christians who train in the sciences often feel pressured to compartmentalize their faith from their profession, or do not feel equipped to address or change the cultural stereotypes regarding science and faith. The M.A. in science and religion is designed to provide scientifically literate individuals with the essential background in theology, history, and philosophy that is necessary to integrate modern science with evangelical Christianity.

Why Study Science and Religion at Biola?

  • Build the Confidence to Defend the Christian Faith

    Defend the Christian faith within the field of science by learning through advanced seminars focused on current theological issues within specific scientific disciplines.
  • The Only M.A. in Science and Religion Program of Its Kind in the United States

    Receive cutting edge training within this academically rigorous specialized degree.
  • Learn to Integrate Evangelical Christianity and Science

    Gain the insight and knowledge you need to grapple with challenging questions about intelligent design, life outside this universe, and more.
  • Flexible Distance and On-campus Learning

    Finish your degree with various online and on-campus learning opportunities, and take classes that fit your busy schedule.
  • Distinguished and Expert Faculty

    Learn from scholars such as William Lane Craig, John A. Bloom, Garrett J. DeWeese, Paul Nelson and others.

Meet the Faculty

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