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Courses | Master of Arts (New Testament)

Below are the course requirements for this academic program. For more program details, including graduation requirements and learning outcomes, visit Biola's academic catalog.

Specialization Requirements

Competency Requirement

Students must pass TTNT 501, TTNT 502, and TTNT 503 with a C- or better to progress to any course for which TTNT 501, TTNT 502, or TTNT 503 is a prerequisite or receive approval from the department chair.

Program Structure

The academic program leading to the degree Master of Arts with a specialization in New Testament is comprised of 49 credits, including:

  1. Biblical and theological foundations.
  2. Spiritual Formation Focus (SFF).
  3. Academic specialization in one of four disciplines requiring biblical language studies, or general studies in which biblical languages are not required.
  4. Additional elective courses determined by the student in consultation with the advisor.

Students may complete this specialization online, on-campus, or by a combination of those two modalities.

Combined B.A. - M.A. Program

Students in Biola University's Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Theology, and Ministry with a concentration in New Testament may take graduate courses in their senior year, allowing the completion of a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in an accelerated format. See the Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Theology, and Ministry for the undergraduate portion of the accelerated B.A. - M.A. program.

Advanced Standing

Applicants who have taken undergraduate courses in biblical or theological studies may request advanced standing based on collegiate work. See Talbot Admissions Requirements for details. Note: if master's level courses are given advanced standing based on undergraduate coursework, some Ph.D. programs may require additional graduate courses in order to meet doctoral program requirements.

Greek Language Requirement

The language courses listed below are required. Qualifying examinations to test out of TTNT 501 or TTNT 502 are available to all interested students. Depending on exam results, a student may enroll directly into TTNT 502 or TTNT 503. For any language courses waived by a qualifying examination, the student should take an equal number of Greek language credits in the New Testament department (3 or 6).

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisite Courses
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Program Courses
TTBE 517Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods3
TTSF 501Introduction to Spiritual Theology and Formation3
TTSF 503Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation3
TTSF 504Spiritual Formation, Vocation, and the Disciplines1
TTSF 505Talbot Spiritual Direction I 10
TTSF 506Talbot Spiritual Direction II 10
TTTH 521Theology I: God, Scripture, Creation3
TTTH 522Theology II: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation3
TTTH 623Theology III: Spirit, Church, Last Things3
New Testament Specialization Courses
TTNT 501Beginning Greek I3
TTNT 502Beginning Greek II3
TTNT 503Introduction to Exegesis3
TTNT 604Exegesis in the Gospels3
TTNT 605Exegesis in the Epistles3
TTNT 610Readings in New Testament Greek2
TTNT 701The World of the New Testament3
TTNT 790New Testament Capstone1
New Testament Elective Courses 29
Total Credits49

Co-Curricular Requirement


With approval from the department chair, students are allowed 3 credits of electives taken from TTBE, TTOT, or TTTH courses.