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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership (Biblical and Pastoral Ministry)

Talbot School of Theology


The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership with a concentration in Biblical and Pastoral Ministry prepares you to be an effective teacher and preacher of God’s Word. In a culture that's growing in biblical illiteracy and less engaged with Scripture, churches need preachers who can teach from the Bible in clear and compelling ways, helping people grow in their love for God and his Word. This degree equips you for that task.

Through this program — offered on campus or in a hybrid format with nearly half the coursework available online — you’ll be taught and mentored by highly sought professors who are skilled and knowledgeable in expository preaching. You’ll receive rigorous training in how to prepare and deliver a sermon — covering multiple genres and styles, all built upon a foundational knowledge of either Greek or Hebrew. And you’ll benefit from courses designed both to prepare you for practical ministry and encourage personal spiritual transformation.

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Why Study Biblical and Pastoral Ministry at Talbot?

Preach with Power to Reach People Today. Behind every good message is a skilled preacher who has spent hours of preparation in the Word and in prayer. This program will sharpen your ability to communicate God’s Word by providing the skills you need to deliver a sermon that is biblically accurate, clearly communicated and relevant to your audience. Learn how to preach from various genres in a variety of styles. With in-class opportunities to preach, you’ll receive vital feedback from experienced faculty as well as classmates in training.

Deepen Your Knowledge of the Scriptures. At Talbot, you will receive a broad-based biblical and theological education and develop exegetical skills for your in-depth study of the Word. This program is specifically designed to provide the knowledge and training you need to teach and apply Scripture — including the option to learn either Greek or Hebrew and practical guidance in how to most effectively use scholarly commentaries and online study tools.

Learn from Renowned Faculty in the Field of Homiletics. The program’s faculty members are widely recognized for their preaching and expertise in teaching. They are well-known in scholarly circles and also highly sought as speakers at conferences and churches throughout the nation. Passionate about preaching and effectively communicating the Word of God, our professors empower future preachers to make an impact by offering meaningful feedback, clear teaching and wisdom from their decades of experience.

Prepare for a Lifelong Calling. “Ministry burnout” is an all-too-common challenge for those called into Christian ministry. To guard against this, Talbot’s M.A. programs focus on your spiritual transformation and equip you to approach ministry as a marathon, not a sprint. As you experience spiritual transformation in your own life and grow in spiritual, emotional and relational health, you will be ready to lead and grow other disciples with a rooted faith in a culture that is constantly changing.

Launch into Ministry With the Tools You Need. This M.A. degree is highly comparable to the Master of Divinity, but with fewer required courses and only one language, it is more efficient and affordable, especially for those seeking to launch into ministry roles that do not require an M.Div. With growing ministry opportunities in and outside the church, this program is ideal for those serving in varied roles but desiring knowledge of the biblical languages and skills in preaching and pastoral care.

For more reasons to choose Talbot School of Theology for your education, see the Why Talbot? page.

What Will I Study?

Talbot School of Theology’s Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership programs include a core of biblical and theological foundation courses, the Spiritual Formation Core, an area of practical ministry specialization, internships and elective courses. The biblical and pastoral ministry concentration also includes a biblical language and exegesis. You will have the opportunity to select either Greek or Hebrew as part of your curriculum.

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2–4 years
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