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  • No Regular Joe

    As Starbucks’ Americas controller, Paul Shilling (’00) plays key business role for coffee giant


    After almost five years as the director of corporate accounting for Starbucks, Paul Shilling (’00) became Starbucks’ Americas controller in May...

  • Fighting Against Injustice

    Attorney Lydia Sharp (’12) advocates for disabled individuals victimized by human trafficking


    How does a fact-finding trip in the Dominican Republic for a book about baseball turn into a legal career? Ask Lydia (Ness, ’12) Sharp. On a class...

  • Connect with Biola in Your Region!

    Plug in to community with help from a Biola alumni regional contact


    Want to connect with fellow Biolans? This map shows the areas where you can find a Biola alumni regional contact who's eager to help. Find your...

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    (Left to right) Nick Carreno (Student Alumni Association volunteer), Stephanie Ramirez, Lily Tsau, Leina Gilster and Don Bernstein. I want to do...

  • Glimpses into Glory

    A Look Inside the Artistic Transformation of Calvary Chapel


    Biola University’s Calvary Chapel, constructed in 1975, has served the university community as a central place of worship and instruction for more...

  • What Difference Do We Make?

    Together, Biola and its alumni contribute $1.2 billion to the national economy, new study finds


    Biola generates $1.2 billion in economic activity nationwide each year, drives $204 million in federal tax revenue and supports 6,300 jobs across...

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    In the Australian outback, cattle are kept on a ranch by either building a fence around the perimeter or building a well in the center. The first...

  • A New Home For The Sciences

    Explore the new Alton & Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health


    The Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health — which opened in January 2018 as the largest academic building on Biola’s campus...

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    As Biola’s STEM and health programs reach greater heights, meet just a few of the Biola alumni making a difference in their science careers. A...

  • Biola to Launch New School of Cinema and Media Arts

    'Variety' names Biola’s film program one of top 40 in the world


    Biola University has given the green light to its newest school — the School of Cinema and Media Arts — and even before its official launch this...

  • Meet the Dean

    Seven things to know about Todd W. Guy, founding dean of the School of Fine Arts and Communication


    Biola’s School of Fine Arts and Communication has a new guy in town: Todd W. Guy, that is, who will serve as the school’s founding dean. Guy comes...

  • First Conference for Women in Apologetics Convenes on Campus

    Keynote speakers include leading female apologists Mary Jo Sharp and Melissa Cain Travis


    Biola University, home to one of the world’s most reputable Christian apologetics programs, hosted the first-ever Women in Apologetics (WIA)...

  • Facing the Unknown

    Freshman Oscar Navarro becomes an American citizen and a Biola student in one summer


    At age 9, Oscar Navarro prepared to leave his home for a new country that he saw only as a place for vacationing. He said goodbye to friends and...

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    Maggie Gobran, founder of Stephen’s Children, a ministry in Cairo, Egypt, was honored by Biola this spring with the Charles W. Colson Conviction...

  • Missionaries Shaping the Next Generation

    Former Cook faculty couple invests in students called to cross-cultural ministry


    Charles and Marguerite Kraft have been supporting Biola intercultural studies students for so long that many of their original scholarship...

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    The Biola Eagles closed out their first season of NCAA Division II competition with strong team and individual performances, including NCCAA...

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    Teachers and parents who work together can make a world of difference. Research shows that when teachers and parents of children with learning...

  • What Can Zebrafish Teach Us About Ourselves?

    Professor Hyuna Lee hopes zebrafish research can spark insights on cancer treatments


    Hyuna Lee’s fish-filled laboratory just hatched its first babies in the new Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health — and the...

  • Gaming for Good

    Alumnus Tomber Su (’16) lands spot on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list of video gamers


    In 1998, after the first version of Starcraft was released, 7-year-old Tomber Su networked a couple of computers together so he and his brothers...

  • Alumnus Featured in Award-Winning HBO Documentary

    Emilio Amigo’s work with autistic teens inspires acclaimed film


    Emilio Amigo with filmmaker Alexandra Shiva in October 2015. Photo Credit: Ryan Liu / FilmMagic When Emilio Amigo (Psy.D. ’86) began to focus his...

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    A timeline of the nursing department inside the new Alton & Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health. A well-trained medical...

  • The Steady Servant

    Now moving into a new role, Rick Bee reflects on 35 years as alumni director


    Over the past three decades, tens of thousands of alumni have come and gone from Biola, and one person has been their steady servant during all...

  • From Bruin to Biolan

    Lily Tsau brings UCLA experience to new alumni leadership role


    The Biola family has gained a new soon-to-be-familiar face. In March 2018, the university welcomed Lily Chia Tsau as the new senior director of...

  • The Right Kind of Pluralist

    Book excerpt from ‘A Practical Guide to Culture’ co-written by alumnus Brett Kunkle


    Shane was thrilled. He and his girlfriend, Francesca, had just finished hours of conversation with their skeptical friends at a local restaurant....

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    Somewhere around 10 minutes into my first tour of Biola’s brand new Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health, I turned to a...