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Category: 2007 Summer

  • Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles

    Biola’s origins could not be more the stuff of legend if we had been founded by John Henry, Paul Bunyan and a blue ox named Babe.

    Fred Sanders — 

    With giant steps, the founders of Biola walked out of the age of the Civil War, strode across the continent and laid deep foundations in a new city...

  • Atheism’s New Bulldog

    Sam Harris thinks Christians are not only delusional, they’re dangerous. But is his bark worse than his bite?

    Holly Pivec — 

    Sam Harris thinks you’re nuts. And he wants to save the world from you — and those who share your “foolish” and “dangerous” belief in God. Armed...

  • What Should Christians Know About ‘Evangelicals & Catholics Together’?

    Dr. Robert Saucy shares his concerns about this growing movement.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    In 1994, 40 Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants signed a controversial document titled, “Evangelicals & Catholics Together: The...