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Category: 2017 Summer

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How it Ends, and Everything Important That Happens In Between, by Gregory Koukl (M.A. ’06), Zondervan,...

  • A Warm Welcome

    New Welcome Center creates inviting space for future Biolans

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    New visitors to Biola’s campus are getting the red-carpet treatment — make that red-wall treatment. In April, the university debuted a new...

  • Diane Vincent — 

    A faculty charge delivered by Diane Vincent at the installation ceremony for Provost and Senior Vice President Deborah Taylor on Oct. 26, 2016....

  • Rick Bee — 

    Can you hear it? The gentle roar of the surf on the shore? The smell of saltwater and sunblock filling your nose? Or, maybe for you, summer means...

  • Chemistry in the Crime Lab

    Sarah Lum (’14) wins Young Scientist Award after patenting technology to aid sexual assault investigations

    Kristen Hartman — 

    One morning during her sophomore year, sitting in Rose of Sharon Chapel, Sarah Lum (’14) knew she had a decision to make. She came to Biola...

  • Sermon on the Mound

    Brandon Cash (M.Div. ’98) serves as chaplain to the Los Angeles Dodgers

    Kathryn Toombs — 

    When Brandon Cash (M.Div. ’98) graduated with a degree from Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, he thought his days in the athletic sphere were...

  • Showing God’s Love Through C-Sections

    Sarah Villegas (’04) trains doctors in underdeveloped countries

    Joanna Wu — 

    Sarah Villegas (’04) is determined to decrease the number of pregnancy-related deaths in Kenya. As a doctor and global health leadership fellow at...

  • T. Kurt Jaros — 

    Five hundred years ago, the Protestant Reformation led the way out of the supposed theological dark ages and brought us ad fontes, back to the...

  • Translating the Text

    Q&A with Darian Lockett, translation oversight committee member for the Christian Standard Bible

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    A brief interview with Darian Lockett (associate professor of biblical and theological studies), who served on the translation oversight committee...

  • The 'Withered Leaf' and the 'Garden'

    Book excerpt from ‘REFLECT’ by professor Thaddeus Williams

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “What we are worshiping we are becoming.” In other words, our deities shape our identities. Let us call this...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    As Western culture continues in its post-Christian trajectory, with growing hostility to Christian values and biblical orthodoxy, how can...

  • How Does Seminary Affect Students’ Character?

    Professor David Wang leads effort to study spiritual maturity of seminarians

    Jenna Loumagne — 

    How does going to seminary actually grow a person’s character? Rosemead School of Psychology professor David Wang is trying to answer just that....

  • Winter Sports Roundup

    Biola Finishes Strong in Final NAIA Year

    Neil Morgan — 

    Biola’s successful winter sports season was good enough to keep the Eagles ranked sixth in the nation in the 2016–17 Learfield Directors’ Cup,...

  • Joanna Wu — 

    Christian social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and executive pastors now have a program that can equip them to take their organization to the...

  • Joanna Wu — 

    Joni Eareckson Tada, an international advocate for people with disabilities and the founder and CEO of Joni and Friends, became the fourth...

  • Mobilizing Students for Kingdom Work

    Kristina Lowen pursues her calling as Student Missionary Union’s next president

    Joanna Wu — 

    In a few short months, Kristina Lowen will step into a key role as president of the Student Missionary Union at Biola — a college she wasn’t...

  • Another Successful Startup

    Student-alumni team wins $25,000 to launch socially conscious publishing company

    Joanna Wu — 

    Getting knocked out of the first round of the Biola Startup Competition in 2015 didn’t stop senior Jordan Perkins (’17) and alumnus John Terranova...

  • ‘Weekend With the President’ Raises $4.2 Million

    Gathering breaks university’s single-day fundraising record

    Brett McCracken — 

    Two years ago Biola’s “Conviction and Courage Gala” in downtown Los Angeles set the record for the most money donated to the school at a single...

  • On Higher Ground

    President's Perspective

    Barry Corey — 

    Come July, Paula and I will have been at Biola University for 10 years. A lot of wonderful developments have happened during that decade, most of...

  • Borders and the Bible

    How can scriptural wisdom inform ongoing debates over immigration?

    Brett McCracken — 

    For Nohemi, a senior communications studies major at Biola, immigration is more than just a topic of debate. It’s real life. Nohemi’s mom was eight...

  • Jason Newell — 

    Brexit. The Ban. The Wall. Over the past year, these small words have come to occupy a big place in our national and international consciousness....