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Category: 2020 Fall

  • How to Disagree Without Dividing

    In a time of intense polarization and provocation, is there any hope for a return to civility? The directors of Biola’s new Winsome Conviction Project say yes.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    More than any year in recent memory, 2020 has been a perfect storm for conflict. Over the past several months, we’ve survived a particularly...

  • Biola’s Biblical Approach to Racial Justice

    Amid racial pain and division, Scripture calls us to godly discernment and gospel faithfulness.

    Barry Corey — 

    On March 11, just a week before we began emptying the campus in response to Covid-19, about 100 of us sat in a circle at Biola’s Calvary Chapel...

  • Jenna Loumagne — 

    Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute changed its name in September to Torrey Honors College — a move that better reflects the program’s impact and...

  • Biola Honored for ‘Best Undergraduate Teaching’

    U.S. News and World Report recognizes university on several rankings.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Biola University has again been named one of America’s top-tier national universities by U.S. News and World Report, earning special recognition in...

  • Finding ‘Hope in Crisis’

    Donors give nearly $3 million to students impacted by Covid-19.

    Kristen Hartman — 

    Four years ago, Alisa Sanchez met Jesus. Someone at the shelter where she and her infant daughter were staying explained the gospel, and the...

  • Mentoring Minorities in Medicine

    First-generation student Ixchel Gomez starts a club for students of color pursuing health sciences.

    Joanna Wu — 

    Ixchel “Izzy” Gomez is on a mission to practice medicine — and she wants to bring others like her along with her. Growing up in a largely Hispanic,...

  • Meet the Deans – Fall 2020

    Biola’s film, psychology and science schools start year with new top leaders.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Three of Biola’s nine schools began the academic year under the leadership of new deans, each stepping into their roles this summer following...

  • An Antidote to Burnout

    Humility is a key to work-life balance, professor says in award-winning research.

    Joanna Wu — 

    Many people strive to achieve a healthy work-life balance — an ideal that has become all the more challenging in the midst of a pandemic that has...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    God and Guns in America, by Michael W. Austin (M.A. ’00), Eerdmans, May 2020. The gun debate is raging in America. Senseless acts of gun violence...

  • Michelle Barnewall — 

    How does the grace of God conflict with our ideas of justice? I think of how much I want things to be just. If I work hard, I want it to be...

  • Making Magic

    Karlynn Holbrook serves as senior manager of organizational operations at Walt Disney World.

    Zachariah Jimison — 

    In 1998, a little boy was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. His dying wish was to meet Buzz Lightyear. At the time, Karlynn Holbrook (MOL ’06)...

  • Zero to a Billion

    Samuel Sunderaraj helps young tech companies accelerate revenue.

    Zachariah Jimison — 

    Samuel Sunderaraj’s (’95) uncle in Seattle was the only person he knew in the United States when he first stepped onto Biola’s campus in the fall...

  • A Pandemic of Opportunity

    Randa Hinton launches a podcast to help young people create careers in the world of Covid-19.

    Zachariah Jimison — 

    In January 2020, Randa Hinton’s (’09) pastor encouraged her to pray big prayers. On the cusp of graduating with her master’s in communication from...

  • Joanna Wu — 

    Marriage rates in the United States have hit an all-time low — a reflection of adults waiting to marry until later in life or forgoing marriage...

  • Think About It – Fall 2020

    A roundup of recent videos, podcasts and other resources on Christianity and culture.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Coping with Covid-19 — Biola’s WebsiteHow can we live and love well during a pandemic? Check out a collection of biblical resources from Biola...

  • Never Too Late

    Lori Salvador realizes a dream by earning one of Biola’s first fully online bachelor’s degrees.

    Joanna Wu — 

    A few years ago, Lori Salvador (‘19) decided it was time to go back to school — without actually going back to school. From her home on the island...

  • Kenneth Berding — 

    Here’s a thought experiment. Suppose that you possessed a magic ball from which dangled a tiny magic thread. Furthermore, suppose that when you...

  • Jason Gonzalez — 

    Coarse sand massaged our skin as we nestled into the beach of Ville-franche-sur-Mer. Sounds of gentle turquoise waves and tummies full of French...