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Articles by Greg Ganssle

  • The Good Book Blog

    Greg Ganssle — 

    Norman Geisler’s shadow stretches across the landscape of Christian philosophy and apologetics.

  • Think Biblically

    Our Deepest Desires

    with Greg Ganssle

    Greg Ganssle, Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    What would you think about a worldview that could satisfy your deepest desires? Talbot philosophy professor Dr. Greg Ganssle talks with Sean and...

  • Talbot Magazine

    Shelf Life

    Recent publications from our very own Talbot Faculty.

    Greg Ganssle, James Petitfils, Walt Russell, Ben Shin, Sheryl Silzer — 

    "Mos Christianorum;" "Sustainable Church;" "Tapestry of Grace;" "Our Deepest Desires"

  • The Good Book Blog

    Greg Ganssle — 

    One summer, I drove from my parent’s home in New Jersey to where I was working in Minnesota. Somewhere in Indiana, I saw the all too familiar flashing lights of a state trooper. I was speeding, and I knew it. I was going sixty-eight in a fifty-five zone. I had a pit in my stomach. I hated the fact that I was caught. Not only does the speeding ticket cost money, but my ego took a hit as well. I was resentful. I don’t like being in the wrong. More than that, I hate being held accountable when I am wrong ...

  • Biola Magazine

    Combating Cynicism

    Four words for cynics: ‘affirm before you criticize’

    Greg Ganssle — 

    This issue’s Last Word comes from The Good Book Blog, the faculty blog of Biola’s Talbot School of Theology. This article is adapted from a post...

  • The Good Book Blog

    Greg Ganssle — 

    Each age has its particular hazards. Each age encourages certain vices and devalues certain virtues. Because we are immersed in our age, these hazards are often invisible to us. We simply cannot see the effects of certain cultural ideas and practices on our characters ...