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2011 Summer Articles

  • Back and Forward

    Editor's Note

    Jason Newell — 

    If you were to open our file cabinet and browse through the entire Biola Magazine archives — as we did for this, our 25th anniversary issue — you...

  • Dave Milbrandt — 

    Editor’s Note: Obesity is an epidemic in America. According to the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention, more thanone-third of U.S. adults...

  • The Soil of the Soul of our Students

    President's Perspective

    Barry Corey — 

    Paula and I have three children, and the oldest of them will be starting college in the fall. He looked at colleges from coast to coast and landed...

  • A Dorm By Any Other Name

    Sigma Chi and Alpha Chi get 'new' names

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Two of Biola’s oldest and largest residence halls have lost their last names. As of this summer, the “Chi” has been dropped from both the Sigma...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    After the 8.9-magnitude quake and accompanying tsunami struck Japan on March 11, it didn’t take Biolans long to find ways to support the suffering...

  • Higher Tech Education

    Second Imagination Summit ponders future of technology and education

    Brett McCracken — 

    La Mirada looked a bit like Palo Alto on April 15, when the second annual Imagination Summit brought top tech leaders and Silicon Valley...

  • Amy Seed — 

    Blake Mycoskie, CEO of TOMS Shoes, visited Biola in April to include students in a milestone company announcement. With the help of about 50...

  • Is Hell a Vital Doctrine?

    Theology professor Ashish Naidu on the afterlife and why it's essential to believe that 'love warns'

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    This spring, evangelical megachurch pastor Rob Bell caused a firestorm of controversy when he released his new book — Love Wins: A Book About...

  • Brett McCracken — 

    On March 25, eight teams competed in the annual AS-sponsored Mock Rock lip-syncing competition, performing elaborate song and dance routines in...

  • At the Top of Her Game

    Jessilyn Conicelli earns national honors

    Amy Seed — 

    Jessilyn Conicelli made the right decision four years ago when she had to choose between basketball and volleyball. Now a Biola graduate,...

  • Making the Grade

    Education symposium examines California’s public schools

    Jason Newell — 

    Are California’s public schools failing? Most Californians seem to think so, with 55 percent saying the quality of the state’s K-12 public schools...

  • Contentment and the American Dream

    Contentment's wisdom is good news for all seasons of life

    Joseph Gorra — 

    “We’ve got to buy something now!” I remember thinking that to myself when we first went shopping for a condo near Biola. The thought rallied my...

  • Jason Newell — 

    Way back in 1986, the very first issue of Biola Magazine (called Connections back then) landed in mailboxes. On the cover, in dull gray and black,...

  • Polytheistic Christians?

    What the struggles of the Corinthian church can teach us about our own residual paganism

    Moyer Hubbard — 

    This is the first in what will be a regular column for Biola Magazine, featuring selected posts from the Talbot School of Theology faculty blog,...

  • Craig Hazen — 

    It’s been fascinating to watch the very vocal and prolific new atheists, such as Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and Richard...