Alpha hall

Two of Biola’s oldest and largest residence halls have lost their last names.

As of this summer, the “Chi” has been dropped from both the Sigma Chi and Alpha Chi residence halls, leaving them to be known simply as “Sigma” and “Alpha.”

The change was implemented to eliminate confusion with the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and Sigma Chi fraternity, both of which are nationwide organizations. Biola, whose dorms are not and have never been affiliated with Alpha Chi Omega or Sigma Chi, decided to change the names after being contacted by legal representatives from these two organizations.

“Most students already refer to these halls simply as Sigma and Alpha, so it makes sense to shorten the names,” said Danny Paschall, dean of students. “It will be easy for students to make the transition.”

Alpha, which is now Biola’s only female-only residence hall, was one of the first dormitories on the La Mirada campus. It was completed in 1966. Sigma, built on the north end of campus in 1977 to house women in Biola’s growing female population, now houses both men and women.