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  • The Art of Relationships

    Through its popular podcast, blog and events, Biola’s Center for Marriage and Relationships is reaching thousands with practical, biblical wisdom


    It’s easy to idealize marriage. A few short weeks after their wedding, Miles and Aimee Matias (’16) realized just how true this was, as they began...

  • Creating ‘Baby Believers’

    Danielle Hitchen (’10) kickstarts a theology book for toddlers


    Danielle Hitchen (’10) knows that raising kids is hard. As the mom of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, Hitchen is well aware of the challenges that...

  • The Mission of ‘Christy Miller’

    Robin Jones Gunn (’75) shares the gospel through fiction


    To many young girls (and former young girls), the name Robin Jones Gunn is a familiar one. As the author of over 90 books, including the popular...

  • Meet the 2017 Alumni Award Winners

    The Biola University Alumni Board is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Alumni Awards.


    The Biola University Alumni Board is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Alumni Awards. Awardees will be honored during a special...

  • Appetite for Construction

    Property developer Jeff Hachquet (’00) turned family land into food-lovers’ destination


    During nearly 15 years in real estate development, Jeff Hachquet (’00) has worked with properties across Las Vegas. But no project has been as...

  • Local Politics

    The Hard Road to Love and Humility in Your Neighborhood


    We follow Christ. We want to be active American citizens. In this day and age and in this culture of outrage, can we be both of those people at...

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    My first daughter started kindergarten this fall — a milestone that made both of us feel a whole lot older. Like many parents sending their kids...

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    I have to be honest. If you had told me nine years ago, when the moving truck was settling our family into California, that the state legislature...

  • Religious Liberty Preserved

    California faith-based colleges are spared, for now, from concerning legal threat


    Faith-based colleges and universities in California are breathing a sigh of relief this fall after an unprecedented threat to religious liberty...

  • Biola to Join NCAA Division II

    Eagles announce start of new era for athletics programs


    Biola’s athletic programs celebrated the start of a new era in July, when the university’s application for membership into the National Collegiate...

  • Founding Dean Selected for School of Science, Technology and Health

    Paul W. Ferguson, a former university president, takes key leadership role


    When Biola began its search last year for the first-ever dean of the new School of Science, Technology and Health, several search committee...

  • Clear Eyes, Full Plate

    Laura Gurskey is graduating with lofty goals — and the packed résumé to match


    As a transfer student graduating in December, Laura Gurskey may end up having less time at Biola than other students have had. But she’s made the...

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    One of the church’s primary purposes is to make disciples. But how are new disciples actually being made today? Which methods are most effective...

  • Young People are Indeed Leaving the Church

    And new research tells us how to turn it around


    Popular christian teachers, books, articles and websites have been ringing alarm bells about the loss of young people from evangelical churches in...

  • The Wrong Kind of Extreme

    Faculty/Alumni Book Excerpt


    If the past decade and a half has taught Americans anything, it’s that religious extremism is a real thing. Bombarded by images of terrorism, gun...

  • An Entrypoint for Entrepreneurs

    With bold new initiatives like the Biola Startup Competition, the Crowell School of Business is equipping a new generation of innovators


    “What do you want to do for a career?” It’s a question every college student faces at some point — and one for which a surprisingly high...

  • New Role for a Familiar Face

    André Stephens (’91) steps into vice presidential position


    In the fall of 1986 a high school senior stepped onto Biola’s campus for the first time during a University Preview Day. He stayed in the...

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    Biola professors William Lane Craig and J.P. Moreland were recognized this fall on the list of “The 50 Most Influential Living Philosophers” on the...

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    Biola University has been granted a 10-year reaccreditation term — the longest term possible — from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges...

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    Biola inducted two alumni into its Athletics Hall of Fame on Sept. 24: Jeff Benbow, a three-time All-American men's soccer player, and Christine...

  • The Truth, Well Told

    Former Microsoft communications director Jun Young (’95) runs his own Seattle-based firm


    For Jun Young (‘95), it’s always been about stories. Since the interest was sparked during his time at Biola and ignited in his professional...

  • Singing Through the Bible

    Amy Treadwell Toy (’03) writes a song every day to excite kids about memorizing Scripture


    One girl. One year. 365 original songs straight from Scripture. That’s the YouTube description of “Sing Through the Bible,” a daily video project...

  • The Culture of Complaint

    Moving from complaining to gratitude


    This issue’s Last Word comes from The Good Book Blog, the faculty blog of Biola’s Talbot School of Theology. This article is adapted from a post...

  • Christ-Centered for the Common Good

    Four Ways Christian Colleges Contribute to the Flourishing of Society


    By Brett McCracken What would society look like if, in a decade or so, there were no Christian colleges and universities? Or what if the Biolas,...

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    From my window in Metzger Hall, I’ve got a front-and-center view of a massive pit opening up in the ground near Biola’s main entrance. Don’t worry,...