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    Caleb Kaltenbach (M.A. ’07) is an alumnus of Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, lead pastor of a large church in Simi Valley, Calif., and a married...

  • Pitching a New Statistic

    Professor Jason Wilson’s mathematical formula could forever change baseball.


    Jason Wilson, associate professor of mathematics at Biola, finds God’s beauty in a place where few people think to look — statistics. Wilson has...

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    If you thought apostles and prophets only lived way back in Bible times and have long since disappeared, think again. Contemporary people calling...

  • How to Make Evidence for God Disappear

    A tutorial for atheist magicians


    For several years, I’ve interacted with the University of Chicago evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. Coyne doesn’t like me, and I can’t really...

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    Say the words “science and faith,” and people’s minds tend to go straight to the supposed standoff between Genesis, geology and genomes. But there’...

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    Faculty, students and young alumni are not just learning about science in the classroom. They’re doing science in the laboratory. As Biola...

  • Boldness in Medicine

    Jane Anderson ('71)


    Jane Anderson ('71) knew that Biola was the university God had for her undergraduate years, even if the registrar’s office didn’t agree at first....

  • A Principled Principal

    Tabitha Hernandez-Blanton ('01, M.A. '04)


    Tabitha Hernandez-Blanton ('01, M.A. '04) began her career in education by teaching elementary school students in the very district she attended...

  • Faith and Finance

    Mark Linsz ('86)


    Mark Linsz ('86) believes in working with people. Throughout his career as an executive with Bank of America and in creating his own company, My...

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    Biola added three standout athletes to its Athletics Hall of Fame on Sept. 12 during its fourth annual induction ceremony. Two dual-sport athletes...

  • Growing in Gratitude

    Grateful marriages are happier marriages.


    Like Paul did in his letter to the Colossians, many of the Old and New Testament writers connected love, peace and harmony with thankfulness. Not...

  • A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage

    President Barry H. Corey offers his perspective on the launch of The Campaign for Biola University


    B-I-O-L-A! B-I-O-L-A! B-I-O-L-A! The five-lettered chant — with a force on the O — is a common student refrain in our Chase Gymnasium as they...

  • Making History by Shaping the Future

    How a $180 million campaign will transform Biola University and its students


    This is a historic moment for Biola University. It is, to hear university leaders tell it, a point in time that future generations of Biolans will...

  • A Historic Night

    Conviction and Courage Gala launches campaign, raises nearly $4 million in one evening


    With the message “Jesus Saves” glowing brightly in the skyline above, hundreds of Biola friends and supporters gathered on May 9 for one of the...

  • A Soul, A Voice and A Vision

    Reflections on the theme of Biola University’s largest ever fundraising campaign:
 “A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage.”


    Our world isn’t lacking in voices. Every day we are bombarded by a chorus of opinions, tweets, texts, ads, blogs and more. But where are the voices...

  • Leading the Way

    Campaign cabinet helps to spearhead fundraising efforts


    How does a university like Biola even begin to raise $180 million? In addition to plenty of prayer and planning, it takes a whole lot of help from...

  • Historic $12 Million Gift Supports New Science Building

    Alton Lim seeks to ‘return back to God what is originally his’ with largest cash gift in Biola’s history


    For much of his adulthood, Alton Lim sensed that something — or someone — was guiding his life. As a Chinese immigrant who started with little,...

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    As a teenager in the late 1940s, Loy Chiu figured he didn’t have the grades or the money to attend college. But he applied to Biola anyway, just...

  • A Product of Faithfulness

    Meleca Consultado (’09)


    Even though she is still paying off her own student loans, resident director Meleca Consultado (’09) donates to the Biola scholarship fund. Why?...

  • Recruiting Students and Giving Back

    Miles Bocianski (’13) and Daniel Parham (’13)


    Having both been Biola students and now admissions counselors, Miles Bocianski (’13) and Daniel Parham (’13) know well the challenges of...

  • Sacrificing for Students

    Matthew Weathers (’93)


    Matthew Weathers (’93) wears many hats at Biola; he’s a donor, a popular professor, a staff member and an alumnus. Weathers has been tied to Biola...

  • Parents and Apologists

    John and Claudia Kalmikov


    John and Claudia Kalmikov are a rarity for Biola parents: both are also Biola students. The donors and current campaign cabinet members are...

  • In Memory of Missy

    Steve and Wanda Belton


    Supporting the Biola Conservatory of Music strikes a very special chord with Steve and Wanda Belton. Their daughter Missy, an accomplished oboist,...

  • Biola Booster

    Vincent Huang


    As a business leader in the growing mobile technology industry, Vincent Huang is encouraged that Biola University is taking steps to bolster its...

  • Funders and Family

    Dave and Shirley Karnes


    Dave and Shirley Karnes have been investing in Biola students for nearly three decades. To date, 23 students (and counting) have received help...