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  • An Entrypoint for Entrepreneurs

    With bold new initiatives like the Biola Startup Competition, the Crowell School of Business is equipping a new generation of innovators

    Jason Newell — 

    “What do you want to do for a career?” It’s a question every college student faces at some point — and one for which a surprisingly high...

  • The Wrong Kind of Extreme

    Faculty/Alumni Book Excerpt

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    If the past decade and a half has taught Americans anything, it’s that religious extremism is a real thing. Bombarded by images of terrorism, gun...

  • Young People are Indeed Leaving the Church

    And new research tells us how to turn it around

    Larry Barnett, Craig Hazen — 

    Popular christian teachers, books, articles and websites have been ringing alarm bells about the loss of young people from evangelical churches in...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    One of the church’s primary purposes is to make disciples. But how are new disciples actually being made today? Which methods are most effective...

  • Clear Eyes, Full Plate

    Laura Gurskey is graduating with lofty goals — and the packed resume to match

    Brett McCracken — 

    As a transfer student graduating in December, Laura Gurskey may end up having less time at Biola than other students have had. But she’s made the...

  • Biola to Join NCAA Division II

    Eagles announce start of new era for athletics programs

    Brenda Velasco — 

    Biola’s athletic programs celebrated the start of a new era in July, when the university’s application for membership into the National Collegiate...

  • Religious Liberty Preserved

    California faith-based colleges are spared, for now, from concerning legal threat

    Brett McCracken — 

    Faith-based colleges and universities in California are breathing a sigh of relief this fall after an unprecedented threat to religious liberty...

  • On Senate Bills and a Better Story

    President's Perspective

    Barry Corey — 

    I have to be honest. If you had told me nine years ago, when the moving truck was settling our family into California, that the state legislature...

  • Jason Newell — 

    My first daughter started kindergarten this fall — a milestone that made both of us feel a whole lot older. Like many parents sending their kids...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward, by Nabeel Qureshi (M.A. ’08), Zondervan, March 2016. San Bernardino was the most lethal terror attack on...

  • From the Alumni Office: Summer 2016

    Big Thanks for a Big Check

    Rick Bee — 

    Every year, I watch with joy as the Alumni Board presents a “big check” to the student body at our annual Alumni Awards and Golden Eagles chapel....

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    In May 2015, the university publicly launched “A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage: The Campaign for Biola University.” The $180 million...

  • Combating Cynicism

    Four words for cynics: ‘affirm before you criticize’

    Greg Ganssle — 

    This issue’s Last Word comes from The Good Book Blog, the faculty blog of Biola’s Talbot School of Theology. This article is adapted from a post...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    The Office of Alumni Relations and Biola’s Alumni Board recognized four alumni for their outstanding accomplishments and service during a special...

  • No Fear in the ‘Force’

    Rob Bredow (’94) heads technology at Lucasfilm

    Brett McCracken — 

    With the release of The Force Awakens this past December, the building of Star Wars lands at Disney theme parks and the development of at least...

  • Christianity Under a Microscope

    Molecular biologist Anjeanette ‘AJ’ Roberts (M.A. ’15) explores hard questions about faith and science

    Laurie Bullock — 

    As a college student, Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts wanted to dig deeper into the unknown. At the time, that meant viruses. While studying chemistry...

  • Leader of the Band

    Music instructor Mitch Bahr (’96) earns title of ‘California Teacher of the Year'

    Laurie Bullock — 

    Fourteen years ago Mitch Bahr (’96) stepped up to the podium to become music director at a rural Northern California high school and brought...

  • One SCORR and 20 Years Ago

    For 20 years, Biola’s annual Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation has celebrated the beauty and engaged the challenges of diversity on Christian college campuses

    Brett McCracken — 

    “Evangelical Colleges’ Diversity Problem.” That was the headline of a January 2016 feature article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, which...

  • Offering Refuge

    Amid a worldwide refugee crisis, Biolans are taking bold action to care for those in need

    Charlene Choi — 

    The people of God have always been refugees. The instant we were banished from Eden, we became wanderers. The minute we fled Egypt, we were...

  • The Radical Call of Kindness

    Why the church must recover Christian compassion in an age of incivility

    Barry Corey — 

    I held the hand of the kindest man I everknew, sitting by his bedside in silent reverence while he lay shrouded in sheets bleached white. We were...

  • Is it Intolerant to Claim Christianity Alone is True?

    Five responses to objections about Christianity’s exclusive claims

    Kenneth R. Samples — 

    A couple of years ago I visited Canada to record television interviews about my book Christian Endgame. Prior to the recording, some of the...

  • Truth Must be Wedded to Grace

    Faculty/Alumni Book Excerpt

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    During a trip to Breckenridge, a beautiful ski town in the mountains of Colorado, a friend and I decided to get our hair cut at one of the little...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    With the 2016 U.S. presidential election well underway and political rhetoric heating up, perennial discussions about evangelicals and politics...

  • Teaching the Write Way

    Professor Christie Curtis’ grammar textbooks are used in classrooms across the U.S.

    Laurie Bullock — 

    Christie Curtis (M.A. ’06) loves language. And as the co-author of a widely popular series of grammar textbooks, the Biola education professor...

  • A Precedential President

    Taylor Stribbling serves as Biola’s first Student Government Association president

    Laurie Bullock — 

    Taylor Stribbling’s final year at Biola also marked a big first. The 2015–16 school year marked the debut of the Student Government Association,...