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    Are you as excited as I am? I look through the amazing stories in this issue of Biola Magazine and I am overwhelmed by God’s provision and...

  • Biola Changes Lives

    An investment in Biola can make a lifelong impact — just ask these students, alumni and supporters


    “Biola University truly is unique. There is no other school that offers what it offers in the area of philosophy, apologetics, so many other...

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    If you’re a regular reader of Biola Magazine, you may have already noticed some differences in this issue. For one thing, you’re not having to...

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    Someone recently told me Christians need to stop using the journey motif because it’s tired and hollow. I get it, in part. Platitudes about “life...

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    Hasiet Joy Negash spent her final days on earth living out a dream. Alongside a team from Biola’s Student Missionary Union, Negash traveled to...

  • L.A. Stands for 'Locating Atonement'

    Biola hosts third annual Los Angeles Theology Conference


    How should Christians understand the doctrine of the atonement in a broader systematic theological context? This was the question of the moment...

  • The Chimes Earns National Recognition

    Student newspaper wins Online Pacemaker award for second consecutive year


    Biola’s student newspaper, The Chimes , won the Online Pacemaker Award on Nov. 1 at the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) and College Media...

  • Opening the Gates

    To attend her dream school, Mary Tatlock hoped for a dream scholarship


    Good Friday 2014 was especially good for Mary Tatlock. It was the day the freshman intercultural studies major received mail that would change her...

  • Starting Them Young

    Biola launches new K-12 “satellite program” for homeschool students


    As thousands of families already know, Biola University isn’t just for university students. For the past two decades, Biola Youth has been...

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    Biola University will launch a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAcc) degree this fall — a new graduate program designed to prepare students...

  • Online Giving Made Easy

    With rise in philanthropy, Biola debuts new giving website


    Universities today produce some of the most compelling people and inspiring thoughts. Yet most universities have decidedly uninspiring giving...

  • Captain America

    Amy Weststeyn named national volleyball player of the year


    Amy Weststeyn is known for going vertical for Biola on the volleyball court, and in December she reached a new all-time high for the university’s...

  • Can Multiethnic Churches Become the ‘New Normal’?

    Alumnus Bryan Loritts is leading a movement to build multiethnic unity in the body of Christ


    In late 2014, race became the conversation in America. A pair of controversial decisions not to prosecute police officers for the high-profile...

  • Shepherds with Hammers

    How professor Albert Yee thinks biblically about engineering


    If you put an ichthys sticker on a hammer, does that make it a “Christian hammer”? That’s a question that helped Albert Yee, associate professor of...

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    In Jan. 30, three of the top minds in Christian apologetics were on stage together in Chase Gymnasium to discuss “God, Science and the Big...

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    When you visit a church in America, you can usually tell within a few minutes what really drives the congregation. The activity-driven church has...

  • Write Quick

    Q&A with alumnus and author Sean McDowell


    A brief interview with Sean McDowell (’98, M.A. ’03, assistant professor of Christian apologetics), co-author of Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful...

  • The Viewfinders

    In a tragedy-stricken land, Biola journalists are equipping Haitians to share their stories


    By Michael Longinow and Tamara Welter Photos by Alissa Sandoval Nelson, a lanky young Haitian man, brought his camera up to professor Tamara...

  • A History of Hardship

    Haiti’s people have shown resilience through poverty, natural disasters and political turbulence


    Haitians are proud of the fact that their country was the first black republic; slaves overthrew Haiti’s French control. But Haiti’s history is...

  • The Extraordinary Beauty of Ordinary Faith

    An interview with author and theologian Michael Horton (’87)


    In his new book, Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World, alumnus Michael Horton (’87) argues that evangelicals should tone down...

  • We Won’t All Change the World … And That’s Okay

    An excerpt from Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World


    In the church today, we like to raise the bar, up the ante and lay out radical calls that most people can’t possibly answer. Nor do we expect them...

  • Dorm Stairwells to Skid Row

    Antquan Washington (’02) serves L.A.'s needy


    More than a decade ago, a conversation with a friend in the Hart Hall stairwell inspired Antquan Washington (’02) to get involved with ministry to...

  • Pipeline Preacher

    Daniel Felton (’98) shares the gospel as a missionary surfer


    Daniel Felton (’98) has a vocation that most people reserve for vacation — surfing. Felton works for the Christian Surfing Federation (CSF), a...

  • From the Alumni Office

    What is God’s Definition of Success?


    In this issue of Biola Magazine, the alumni board is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Alumni of the Year Awards. These great...

  • Yearbook Archive Goes Digital

    Every volume of The Biolan since 1927 now accessible online


    Looking to reminisce on your glory days at Biola without having to crawl into the attic to find your dusty yearbooks? Every edition of The Biolan...