You’re reading Biola Magazine because you’re an alumnus or have some attachment to Biola and you want to know what’s happening at, around and about Biola. Well, we’ve got something to share with you and we want you to be involved!

We’re calling it Biolans Breaking Bread.

“Breaking bread” is not a term that’s used all that much these days. But most still know its meaning is all about sitting down in fellowship around a meal. My warmest memories are times around the dinner table with family and friends, catching up, talking about everything under the sun, laughing and enjoying the company and the food! Sometimes one meal actually rolled into the next!

That’s what we’re going to start this spring, Biolans Breaking Bread — once per year, dinners held locally and soon all around the world, simultaneously!

What are these dinners, you ask? These are dinners hosted by Biola alumni in your or their homes. Who are the guests? If local to Biola, they’re current students. Out of the Southern California region, they can be alumni. Internationally, they can be alumni and students studying abroad. The whole idea is to create opportunities for Biolans to connect with each other, fellowship, create community and sustain the bonds of Biola that so uniquely ties us. We’re Biolans for Life and we’re all about community.

How can you be involved? Be a host! You can host as few as two to three guests or as many as 10. It’s up to you! The meal need not be fancy or time-consuming. The important thing is the fellowship! You can also be a guest (out-of-region). Either way, you’ll connect with the Biolan community.

If you’re an alumnus, look out for an email coming to you soon with more details. Don’t miss out! Is your contact information up to date? To make sure, send your current contact information to, and let’s break bread together.

Lily Tsau 

Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Relations