Communities of Biolans are coming together across the country and around the world. Here are just a sample of Biola meet-ups where Biolans are coming together to connect, share their Biola experiences, catch up with old friends and make new ones.

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Seattle, Wash.

In October 2018, 14 Biola alumni living across seven states (Arizona, California, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Utah and Washington) gathered in Seattle for a weekend to reunite and celebrate the arrival of our friend’s first “Biola baby.” Ten years ago, we all became friends as freshmen and now, as it was then, our friends are like family, and like family, we make an effort to see each other — if not in person, through FaceTime. Whenever we gather, it is a cherished time to collectively recall and remind one another of God’s enduring love, kindness and faithfulness in each of our lives, and we look forward to what’s in store in the decades to come as we thank him for our lifelong Biola family!

– Jamie Sommerville (’13)

Minneapolis, Minn.

This summer I was able to meet up with a group of Biola alumni in the Twin Cities area for our first Twin Cities regional Biola event. It was great to meet fellow Biolans, remember where we came from, and see where that has led us. I truly appreciate Alumni Relations spearheading the Alumni Regional Contacts networks. It has allowed us to experience a little Biola even though we are thousands of miles away.

– Sara Draveling (’07)

Phoenix, Ariz.

What fun we had at our first Phoenix area meet-up! The range of graduation years spanned from 1964 to 2018, which established rich conversation spanning our individual experiences. The group quickly and easily connected with each other, and it was immediately apparent that the conversation flowed because of our shared love for the Lord and for our alma mater, our love for all things Biola, and a mutual desire to keep a connection to the university. This is what has brought me great joy as an Alumni Regional Contact.

– Shawna Thackrah (’00)

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