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Category: 2015 Summer

  • Brett McCracken — 

    For Marilyn Meyer, Gladys MacKenzie (’45) was more than just a Sunday school teacher; she was the embodiment of the love of Jesus. Marilyn only...

  • Student Helping Students

    Evan Tan (’14, M.A. ’16)

    Brett McCracken, Kristina Nishi — 

    Evan Tan is a recent Biola graduate, current Talbot student and a member of the President’s Circle giving society. He knows very well the...

  • Funders and Family

    Dave and Shirley Karnes

    Brett McCracken — 

    Dave and Shirley Karnes have been investing in Biola students for nearly three decades. To date, 23 students (and counting) have received help...

  • Biola Booster

    Vincent Huang

    Cambria Aviles, Brett McCracken — 

    As a business leader in the growing mobile technology industry, Vincent Huang is encouraged that Biola University is taking steps to bolster its...

  • In Memory of Missy

    Steve and Wanda Belton

    Stephanie Kim — 

    Supporting the Biola Conservatory of Music strikes a very special chord with Steve and Wanda Belton. Their daughter Missy, an accomplished oboist,...

  • Parents and Apologists

    John and Claudia Kalmikov

    Brett McCracken — 

    John and Claudia Kalmikov are a rarity for Biola parents: both are also Biola students. The donors and current campaign cabinet members are...

  • Sacrificing for Students

    Matthew Weathers (’93)

    Stephanie Kim — 

    Matthew Weathers (’93) wears many hats at Biola; he’s a donor, a popular professor, a staff member and an alumnus. Weathers has been tied to Biola...

  • Recruiting Students and Giving Back

    Miles Bocianski (’13) and Daniel Parham (’13)

    Brett McCracken, Kristina Nishi — 

    Having both been Biola students and now admissions counselors, Miles Bocianski (’13) and Daniel Parham (’13) know well the challenges of...

  • A Product of Faithfulness

    Meleca Consultado (’09)

    Stephanie Kim — 

    Even though she is still paying off her own student loans, resident director Meleca Consultado (’09) donates to the Biola scholarship fund. Why?...

  • Jason Newell, Kristina Nishi — 

    As a teenager in the late 1940s, Loy Chiu figured he didn’t have the grades or the money to attend college. But he applied to Biola anyway, just...

  • Historic $12 Million Gift Supports New Science Building

    Alton Lim seeks to ‘return back to God what is originally his’ with largest cash gift in Biola’s history

    Jason Newell — 

    For much of his adulthood, Alton Lim sensed that something — or someone — was guiding his life. As a Chinese immigrant who started with little,...

  • Leading the Way

    Campaign cabinet helps to spearhead fundraising efforts

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    How does a university like Biola even begin to raise $180 million? In addition to plenty of prayer and planning, it takes a whole lot of help from...

  • A Soul, A Voice and A Vision

    Reflections on the theme of Biola University’s largest ever fundraising campaign:
 “A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage”

    Brett McCracken — 

    Our world isn’t lacking in voices. Every day we are bombarded by a chorus of opinions, tweets, texts, ads, blogs and more. But where are the voices...

  • A Historic Night

    Conviction and Courage Gala launches campaign, raises nearly $4 million in one evening

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    With the message “Jesus Saves” glowing brightly in the skyline above, hundreds of Biola friends and supporters gathered on May 9 for one of the...

  • Making History by Shaping the Future

    How a $180 million campaign will transform Biola University and its students

    Jason Newell — 

    This is a historic moment for Biola University. It is, to hear university leaders tell it, a point in time that future generations of Biolans will...

  • A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage

    President Barry H. Corey offers his perspective on the launch of The Campaign for Biola University

    Barry Corey — 

    B-I-O-L-A! B-I-O-L-A! B-I-O-L-A! The five-lettered chant — with a force on the O — is a common student refrain in our Chase Gymnasium as they...