Having both been Biola students and now admissions counselors, Miles Bocianski (’13) and Daniel Parham (’13) know well the challenges of affordability that many students face. But they also know how valuable and life-changing a Biola education can be. That’s why both donate a portion of their paychecks to Biola’s scholarship fund.

“The less students have to worry about finances, the more they get to experience their time as a student. If I can contribute in some way, I want to do that,” said Parham, who gives sacrificially because he personally was so prepared by Biola. “Why not help someone else have that experience? I think it’s such a tangible expression of love to say, ‘Though I lack, I give.’”

Bocianski also gives because he wants other students to have the life-changing experience he had. Even though a single donation might not make a huge impact, a culture of staff giving can make a huge impact for students, Bocianski believes.

“We’re all in this together,” he said. “To not donate to the school that you work at, to not support the students that you’re working for, doesn’t quite make sense to me, especially if you’re able to do it.”