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Health Careers Club

The Biola Health Careers Club (HCC) is a student-led group designed to bring together, educate and support Biola pre-med and pre-health students pursuing future healthcare careers. Functioning alongside the science curriculum, the HCC prepares students for health professional school and life as a health practitioner. Working with a faculty advisor who himself graduated from UCLA med, the student officers of the HCC plan and organize monthly activities and presentations for the student membership. Respected health providers from the local community, leaders from international missions, and representatives from academic programs around the region are invited to speak to the HCC about their respective fields and experiences. These monthly events benefit both upperclassmen already decided on a specific career path, and younger students still exploring the health field and the many options available to them.

Some of the activities and resources that the HCC has in place include:

  • Student-to-student peer mentoring to connect younger students with upperclassmen who share their same career goals and interests.
  • Various "hands-on" activities throughout the year including 'healthcare provider level' CPR training, field trips to local points of (medical) interest, workshops for navigating the application process, etc.
  • Ongoing subscriptions to major medical journals (in various fields) for students to stay up to date with current issues, new medical research, topics in medical ethics, and general knowledge of the medical field to prepare for future admissions interviews.
  • Structured opportunities for outreach where students can volunteer and serve in the local community (in various healthcare settings).
  • Finally, social activities are planned for fellowship and bonding between students pursuing the same health career goals. Unlike some of the larger state and private schools, the caring student community of the Health Careers Club at Biola University ensures that no one has to has to undertake and navigate the challenging pre-med and pre-health journeys alone.

Having an active and involved student community of Christian pre-med and pre-health peers is a wonderful distinctive of Biola University!

Contact to get involved.