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D.Min. Track: Asian American Ministry


Asian American Christians form one of the fastest-growing groups within American Christianity. This is seen by the increase of Asian American churches and parachurch ministries throughout the country. It is important that Asian church leaders are equipped to deal with the unique and non-Western challenges within Asian American Christianity. This specialty track will focus on the specific and relevant issues that any Asian American leader will face in the ministry.

Next Available Track: Spring 2025

Application Deadline

November 1, 2024

Residency Dates

  • May 19–30, 2025 (New Cohort)
  • May 18–29, 2026

The Goal

  1. To give awareness to Asian American leaders regarding the unique dynamics and challenges of the culture within the people and the ministry.
  2. To equip Asian American leaders in contextualizing biblical principles and knowing how to relate to the people.
  3. To encourage the spiritual growth and strength of the Asian American leaders in order to sustain longevity in the ministry.
  4. To train Asian American leaders to bring renewal and reform to the Asian American church at large.
  5. To empower Asian American leaders to strengthen the next generation of Asian American Christians.

The Strategy

Year One

Week #1: Christ, Culture and the Church, Part 1

Dr. Benjamin C. Shin; Dr. Sheryl Silzer

This course will explore the issues and challenges that Asian American leaders may face in any Asian American ministry. This will include an examination of Asian culture and its influence on Christianity, different church models, social structures, and procedural and philosophical differences present in an Asian ministry context. This track will also include an overview of the latest trends and innovations that Asian American churches are currently experiencing and implementing.

Week #2: The Personal Life of the Asian-American Leader

Dr. Benjamin C. Shin; Rev. Cory Ishida

This course will be a comprehensive study of the needed self-awareness and disciplines required for leaders in an Asian American ministry context. This will include personal spiritual disciplines, the role of the family, resources for spiritual growth and ministerial coaching for long-term success.

Year Two

Week #1: Christ, Culture and the Church, Part 2

Dr. Benjamin C. Shin; Dr. Sheryl Silzer

This course will examine more closely the influences of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism as they conflict with Christian biblical principles and practices within the church. Contextualization and assimilation will also be examined in order to bring about an integration of Christian principles.

Week #2: The Challenges of Asian American Leadership

Dr. Benjamin C. Shin; Rev. Cory Ishida

Asian American leaders can expect particular challenges in ministry. These issues will be explored with the goal of preparing a proactive plan to overcome these challenges. This will include biblical training in conflict resolution, conducting a healthy staff, building a resource network for crisis situations and developing a personal support system.

Year Three

Week #1: Lessons on Longevity for the Asian American Leader

Dr. Benjamin C. Shin; Rev. Cory Ishida

The focus for this course will be to help Asian American leaders build healthy practices that will lead to a long and enduring ministry. Lessons will include spiritual self-care, team support building, physical and emotional nurture, and careful strategic planning for the long-haul.

Week #2: The Asian American Mentor

Dr. Benjamin C. Shin; Dr. Sheryl Silzer

This class will give a biblical overview of mentorship and will teach the leaders how to mentor others for leadership development. Different models of mentorship, discipleship and coaching will be examined in light of the busy schedules of people today. This week of study will include an emphasis on the topic of leadership succession.

The Faculty Mentors

This track will be team taught by Dr. Benjamin Shin, Associate Professor of Bible Exposition from Talbot School of Theology, along with several guest lecturers who are considered experts in the fields of culture, church and topics that relate specifically to Asian Americans. Their wealth of experience combines many years of ministry and wisdom.

View Benjamin Shin's Full Profile

Guest lecturers include the following:

  • Rev. Cory Ishida: Lead Pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of San Gabriel Valley
  • Dr. Sheryl Silzer: Cultural expert and missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators for over 40 years.

Student Testimonies

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