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Prepare for your calling

Cultivate a Christian Vision for Human Flourishing

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to longstanding, innovative liberal arts programs that are designed to develop students in both mind and character. Guided by faculty committed to faith-integration both in and beyond the classroom, you’ll pursue a biblically centered, Christ-oriented understanding of humanness.

With programs ranging from political science to sociology, along with a prestigious integrative liberal arts program in Torrey Honors College, you’ll have diverse and exciting opportunities to pursue your liberal arts education. Explore our program pages below for more information.

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Honors Education

The Torrey Honors College offers an alternate path for completing Biola’s core curriculum requirements, a complement to any degree in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and to all other majors at Biola.

Learning Opportunities

In addition to small classes taught by first-rate professors, you'll have access to learning opportunities such as internships, professional development classes, study abroad trips and more.

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