Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    121 credits
    • Major/Concentration: 39
    • Bible/Theology: 30
    • General Education: 52
  • Standard Completion Time

    4 years
  • Accreditation



  • African/Middle Eastern/Asian Civilization
  • The concentration in African/Middle Eastern/Asian civilization allows students to go deeper in studies of the Ancient Near East, China, Africa, the Middle East and Islamic history and culture.

  • Civilizations of the Americas
  • The concentration in Asian/African civilization allows students to go deeper in studies of the history, governments and cultures of the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

  • European Civilization
  • The concentration in European civilization allows students to go deeper in studies of Ancient Greece, Rome, medieval Europe, the Renaissance, Russia, modern European history and more.

  • Secondary Instruction
  • The secondary instruction concentration prepares students to teach history at the junior or high school level, and includes coursework leading to a preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential.

To understand today’s world, we first have to understand yesterday’s world. In Biola’s history major, you’ll examine the key events, trends and worldviews that have shaped human civilization. As you develop research skills and historical perspective, you will be prepared for careers in government, journalism, teaching, law and more.

Why Choose History at Biola?

In addition to its strong curriculum, expert faculty members and biblical integration, Biola’s history program offers several key advantages:

  • Biola offers several off-campus programs that are ideal for history majors, including the American Studies Program, the Middle East Studies Program, the Uganda Studies Program and the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford.
  • As a history major, you are eligible to become a member of the Phi Alpha Theta Honors Society, which promotes research, teaching and publication.
  • Biola’s location in Southern California — one of the world’s largest and most diverse metropolitan areas — is ideal for internships and job opportunities.

What Will I Study?

As a history major, you will become part of a community of insightful learners who love truth and who study history, political science and geography. Coursework will examine important religious, social, political and economic movements of human history, and aim to reveal God's dependability and redemption purposes throughout the world. Topic highlights include:

  • Ethical issues within Supreme Court cases
  • Comparing various civilizations and their cultural contributions
  • Research methods in history
  • Utilizing techniques of problem-solving
  • Specialized geographical studies
  • The value of history to a Christian worldview
  • Doctrines of God with reference to history of Christian theology

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Career Paths

A degree in history provides exceptional preparation for careers in all levels of education, government, law and humanitarian organizations. You can expect to impact the world for Jesus Christ through professions such as:

  • Research or editorial assistant
  • Historical archivist
  • Lawyer or paralegal
  • Humanitarian journalist
  • Politician
  • Director of international relief programs
  • Educator
  • Missionary

What are Graduates Doing Now?

Biola graduates from the history major have gone on to study at prestigious graduate schools such as the University of Southern California, Claremont Graduate University, University of Texas and Yale University.

Natasha Storti
History, B.A. '16

Studying history at Biola has not only taught me about the context of the world we live in but also, I have grown in my appreciation of the sovereign hand of the Lord. All of history is in fact His beautifully and intricately planned story.”

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