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Registration for Current and Continuing Students

Registration — Current and Continuing Students

What does course registration look like at Biola?

Each semester you are required to meet with your assigned faculty or staff advisor. If you are a first year student, you can find your advisor on the Meet Your Advisor page. When you meet with your faculty or staff advisor, you’ll plan for classes and discuss your major and degree requirements.

Academic PINs are required to access course registration on My Account and once you meet with your advisor, they will provide you with your unique 6-digit PIN (e.g., 133456). When your time ticket (your course registration time) begins, you will enter your PIN and get access to register for your next semester courses.

This pages provides resources for:

  • How to find your assigned faculty or staff advisor
  • How to meet with your advisor
  • How to register for courses

How to prepare for course registration at Biola

  1. Find Your Advisor
    Your advisor is a faculty or staff member who has been assigned to you by your major department. Your advisor is now visible on your Degree Audit. To find your academic advisor:
    1. Log into
    2. Select the "Student" tab from the top left of the page
    3. Select "Degree Planning" from the left side of the page
    4. Click on the "Degree Audit" link
    5. You can right click your advisor's name to copy their email address to send an email

    Note: If you do not see an advisor listed on your Degree Audit page, please contact your department for information concerning your academic advisor. For department contact information, look up your department in the Directory.

  2. Meet With Your Advisor (tip: come prepared)
    Your advisor will meet with you for a one-on-one or a group advising meeting. Your academic department or advisor should email you with how and when advising is happening. If you feel you have missed this communication, please reach out to your department. Some departments also have Peer Academic Advisors available for supplemental advising.

    Academic PINs are required to access course registration. Your advisor will provide you with a unique 5-digit PIN (e.g., 13345) after you complete your advising meeting. When your time ticket (your course registration time) begins, you will enter the PIN and get access to register for your next semester courses.

    Prepare for your advising meeting:
    1. Understand your Degree Audit
      1. Your Degree Audit serves as a tool to understanding what courses you need for your major or degree. Learn more to understand your Degree Audit.
    2. Select your courses for next semester and summer
      1. Make a list of courses you plan to take for your advisor to review. If you are not completely sure of what you want to take, bring a few options and questions to ask your advisor. They are there to help you when you are unsure.
    3. Review this video for instructions on how to view and use your Degree Audit.

  3. Register for Courses
    Confirm your registration time (time ticket) on My Account. Find your time ticket on My Account under the enrollment section for next semester.

    Find and add classes to your schedule. Here’s how to use the class search page for registration: