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Planner is an advising tool that helps students map out a journey toward academic program completion and graduation. Academic Plans allow students and advisors to lay out a sequence of courses that fulfill remaining program requirements.

How-to Video Tutorials

1. Introducing the New Degree Works

2. How to Navigate Academic Plans

3. How to Read an Academic Plan

4. How to Create a New Academic Plan, as a Copy

5. How to Create a New Academic Plan, from a Program’s Template

6. How to Create a New Academic Plan, from Scratch

7. How to Add Courses and To Dos to an Academic Plan, and Modify Requirements

8. How to add Choices, Notes, and Multiple Courses at Once, to an Academic Plan

9. How to Generate a Planner Audit from an Academic Plan

10. How to Advise with Degree Works Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Planner?

Here is the direct link to Planner: If you get an error message, click in your browser’s address bar and hit return.

What are academic plans?

Academic plans allow students and advisors to lay out a sequence of courses that fulfill remaining program requirements. Note that an academic plan is just one possible path to graduation. A plan isn’t a promise or a guarantee.

What are these codes on my Plan? (i.e. NEW, CORE, L/U, X, T, UNIV, etc.)

There are the new Transfer codes developed in order to better represent our Transfer policies and acceptable Transfer credit. You can find out more information on our Transfer course codes page.

How do I view future terms?

Swipe left (scroll right) on the timeline of terms to reveal future terms.

How do I see more information about a course?

For a course on your plan, you can click on the 3 dots and select "More Information” to see more info on the course and when it is offered. For a requirement in the sidebar, click on the “i” icon.

What does Active and Locked mean for a plan?

You can have many plans, but only one may be Active. Locked plans can’t be modified by students.

How does Still Needed work?

Courses that you still need to complete based on your chosen major (but aren’t in your plan in a future term) will show in Still Needed. This includes incomplete courses in a past term in your plan, and courses in the current term you haven’t registered for. Courses disappear from still needed when they’re in the plan in a future term, or are already completed, or are currently in-progress or preregistered, or that you’ve transferred in with an official transcript. If the course requirement in your plan is a Choice (where a number of courses will meet the requirement), it will disappear from Still Needed once you’ve chosen one of the options.

There’s an error message – what do I do?

Try reloading the page (hitting the refresh button on your browser) – you may have timed out. Email us at if you need additional assistance.

How can I print or make a PDF of a plan?

When viewing your plan, click the "printer" icon at the top right of the page. This will generate a printer-friendly view of your plan. Then click the "printer" icon in this new browser page, to print or save a PDF.