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Academic Planning Tools

From registration to graduation, we are here to help you succeed on your academic journey. Check out the academic planning resources available to you, including Degree Audit, Planner and Registration Plans.

Degree Audit

Degree Audit is a tool that shows you the catalog requirements for your declared program of study and tracks your progress towards completing them. Watch our video tutorial below for how to use your Degree Audit.

Understanding your Degree Audit

If you have specific questions related to understanding your audit, visit the Degree Audit FAQ page.


Planner is an advising tool that helps students map out a journey toward academic program completion and graduation. Academic Plans allow students and advisors to lay out a sequence of courses that fulfill remaining program requirements.

Registration with Academic and Registration Plans

You can search for classes directly from your Academic Plan during registration, and even create a Registration Plan before your registration time ticket opens. Visit our Registration with Academic and Registration Plans page to learn more about these tools that are accessible through online registration.

Academic Advising

Consult with your academic advisor for guidance on selecting courses.

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Traditional undergraduate students have required advising each semester prior to registration. Your advisor is a faculty or staff member who has been assigned based on your academic program.

To find your academic advisor on Degree Audit:

  1. Log into
  2. Select the "Student" tab from the top left of the page
  3. Select "Degree Planning" from the left side of the page
  4. Click on the "Degree Audit" link
  5. You can right click your advisor's name to copy their email address to send an email

Note: If you do not see an advisor listed on the Degree Audit, please contact your department for information concerning your academic advisor. For department contact information, look up your department in the Directory.

Graduate Students

Graduate students seeking help with course selection can contact their graduate program advisor directly for academic advising.