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Admissions, Tuition & Financial Aid

Are You Ready to Join Torrey Honors?

Torrey Honors is a rigorous honors program built around shared values rather than competitive performance. As such, while we will take into account academic performance markers such as GPA and standardized test scores, we are primarily seeking students who will contribute to the Torrey Honors culture — students who are dedicated and willing to ask questions and wrestle with the answers.

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Academic Performance

Torrey Honors students are typically in the top 10% of academic performance at Biola University.

  • Average SAT Score: 1320
  • Average ACT Score: 29
  • Average Unweighted GPA: 3.9

Torrey Honors also proudly accepts CLT scores

The Honors Mindset

Excellence is not measured by grades alone. Good Torrey Honors applicants are:

  • Curious
  • Hard-working
  • Committed to growth
  • Courageous
  • Persistent

Begin the Process

Read all instructions carefully and don't worry — you don't need to complete your application in one sitting.

  1. Start your Biola University Application

    This can be done concurrently with your Torrey Honors application.

    Apply to Biola
  2. Submit your Torrey Honors Application

    Each essay response should be 3–5 paragraphs in length. We value honest, original answers. Help us get to know you and how you think. Torrey Honors is a competitive program, so make sure your application is well-written and well-edited.

    Apply to Torrey Honors
  3. Complete a Torrey Honors admissions interview

    Outstanding applicants will be invited to an admissions interview. Students living in Southern California will be invited to interview on campus while students living in other states or countries will be interviewed over the phone or via Skype.
  4. Receive notification of admission to Torrey Honors

    See the deadlines below to find out when you’ll receive notification of admission.

Application Deadlines

Deadline Type Apply By Notified By
Early Action 1 November 15 January 1
Early Action 2 January 15 March 1
Regular March 1 April 1

Tuition and Costs

There are no additional costs to enroll in the Torrey Honors Institute. Since Torrey Honors replaces required classes for any Biola degree, it is included in Biola’s undergraduate tuition.

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Financial Aid

Most Torrey Honors students qualify for Biola’s top academic merit scholarships. In addition, Torrey Honors currently offers a limited number of department scholarships to returning students. Application information will be made available to returning students in the spring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we read the books that we read?

We believe it is important for students to study old books because we value the enduring questions and ideas within them. When we work to understand the books in our curriculum, we gain the skills to join ongoing conversations and approach new questions with nuance, intelligence and grace.

Is Torrey Honors my major?

Torrey Honors is not your major. The Torrey Honors Institute replaces most of the core curriculum classes required for all Biola students and is compatible with every major offered by Biola.

Which core curriculum classes does Torrey Honors replace?

The Torrey Honors curriculum replaces the majority of your humanities and Bible core curriculum classes. Torrey Honors does not replace the requirements for math, science, modern languages and physical education.

What happens to my AP or college credit?

Advanced Placement and college credits are excellent preparation for the rigors of the Torrey Honors Institute. However, because the learning style of Torrey Honors is unique, Torrey Honors does not accept transfer credits for its curriculum. Most students apply these credits towards classes in their major, as “general elective” credit, or in the subjects of math, science and modern languages. In every case, Torrey Honors students with transfer credits receive advanced standing, which allows them priority registration for their courses.

What happens in Torrey Honors classes?

Torrey Honors classes are three-hour discussions called “sessions.” Each week, students gather with their cohort to unpack a text, joined by a Torrey Honors professor. This professor asks the cohort an “opening question” — one with the breadth and depth to support a long conversation. Cohorts then spend their time exploring the text, seeking the truth and an answer to the question. Each session is textually-based, student-driven and professor-guided, and students cultivate the skills they need to have meaningful, independent interactions with difficult books.

Do Torrey Honors students need to take extra classes to graduate?

No. Torrey Honors students have the same graduation requirements as all other Biola students. Torrey Honors is simply an alternate track for completing Biola’s core curriculum requirements.

What is the workload like in Torrey Honors?

Torrey Honors is an honors program and possesses high standards and a rigorous workload. However, Torrey Honors consolidates multiple core curriculum classes into one class with a single syllabus, reading list and writing requirement. Instead of keeping track of multiple syllabi and homework requirements, our consolidated classes enable our students to focus their energy on two things: Torrey Honors and their major.

How competitive is admission into Torrey Honors?

Each year, more students apply to Torrey Honors than we are able to admit. We are committed to small cohorts and one-on-one mentoring for each of our students, which limits the size of our incoming class. Students are encouraged to apply early for an early admissions decision.

What are the application deadlines?

Our application deadlines follow Biola University’s general application deadlines: November 15, January 15 and March 1.