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Student Opportunities

A Tailor-Made Education

Torrey Honors students own their education. With the approval and supervision of their faculty mentor, students take part in Torrey Honors clubs for academic credit. You can enroll in Torrey elective courses, direct a Torrey Theater play, design a creative project, or curate additional books to read. The options are endless.

Torrey Theater

Each semester, students gather together to collaborate on a theatrical production. No matter their experience, students can elect to direct, produce or act in a Torrey Theater club production for academic credit. Recent productions include Antigone, Pride and Prejudice and Macbeth.

Torrey Honors Elective Classes

Each semester, Torrey Honors professors offer elective courses, called “Meta Torreys” for current juniors and seniors. These classes are dedicated to exploring an author, idea or genre. This gives students the opportunity to focus their learning and discuss great books with more of the student community.

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