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Torrey Honors Abroad

Overseas and Outdoors

Imagine reading C.S. Lewis at Cambridge University or John Muir in Glacier National Park — while living in close community with fellow students, professors and their families. Each summer, Torrey Honors offers elective summer courses. These one-month intensives lead to memorable adventures and new friendships. And by taking advantage of these opportunities, students can complete their Torrey Honors class requirements in as little as three years.

Torrey Cambridge

Living in Cambridge and walking the streets of England brings its rich intellectual tradition to life. During Torrey Cambridge, students experience English culture, explore hundreds-of-years-old libraries and read books right where they were written. Best of all, students study one book of the New Testament deeply, reading and discussing it every day.

Torrey National Parks

There are few better places to cultivate a love of goodness, truth and beauty than within God’s creation. In Torrey National Parks, students take their discussions outdoors, camping and hiking their way through notable national parks while reading theology, literature, American essayists and, of course, the Bible.

Other Abroad Opportunities

Biola offers multiple semester-long study abroad programs that integrate well with Torrey Honors, including the popular Scholar's Semester at Oxford, which grants students access to Oxford’s libraries, lectures and professors. Regardless of the destination, study abroad offers students unique cultural and academic experiences that are rich and rewarding.

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