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International Student Scholarships & Aid

Biola offers numerous scholarships, grants and other institutional aid to help support our vibrant international student community. We'll help to ensure you have a clear plan for affording and meeting the costs of your education.

While international students are not eligible for government-offered grants and loans through the FAFSA (as federal and state aid programs require you to be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or permanent resident of the United States), there are other aid opportunities such as the Biola Global Leaders Scholarship, which offers a full tuition scholarship.

As you explore the financial aid opportunities listed below, pay close attention to deadlines, eligibility requirements and more — but most importantly, remember that we’re here to walk alongside you in your journey here at Biola University.

Undergraduate International Students


Undergraduate international students are eligible for the scholarships listed below.

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Undergraduate international students are eligible for the following grant:


    International students are not eligible for governmental loans like Direct Loan (due to U.S. citizenship requirements), but students may pursue other loan opportunities to finance their education.

      Graduate International Students


      International graduate students are eligible for a variety of other departmental and church matching scholarships based on their program and school. Take a look at what’s available and be sure to pay close attention to details like scholarship amounts, deadlines and more.

      View Graduate Scholarships & Aid

      Church Matching Scholarship

      The Church Matching Scholarship is a Biola-funded match to church sponsorship funds.


      Biola will match up to $750 of a church’s sponsorship funds.


      Students must review the following application guidelines:

      1. Confirm your financial aid file by the scholarship deadline, which includes a completed FAFSA (online) and all requested forms; international students are exempt.
      2. Submit Church Matching Scholarship Application for appropriate aid year, and attach a church sponsorship check made out to Biola University by the scholarship deadline.

      Students must be aware of the following deadlines:

      • October 1 — Deadline for students who attend the fall semester only, or both fall and spring semesters
      • March 1 — Deadline for students who attend only the spring semester

      Students must show financial need, as demonstrated by the FAFSA.

      Renewable Status

      Yes, this scholarship is renewable. Students must reapply each year.

      Biola Leaders Scholarship

      The Biola Global Leaders Scholarship (BGLS) is a full-tuition scholarship for those who demonstrate through their application high levels of leadership, groundbreaking or significant research, leadership in kingdom breakthroughs. Biola University awards this prestigious scholarship to three or four international graduate students per year.


      Full tuition scholarship. (Note: living expenses not included).


      Eligible admitted students are automatically considered. Applicants are encouraged to highlight their leadership experience in their program applications.


      Eligibility is based upon program of study, exceptional leadership experience, high moral character, significant research and projects, and groundbreaking projects.

      Renewable Status

      Renewable when maintaining minimum grade requirements and on-campus study.


      International Student Aid Grant

      The International Student Aid Grant is available to international students who have been accepted to Biola University and who are studying on the F1 Student Visa.


      $2,000 per year for master’s and doctoral studies.


      Application is sent to eligible admitted students who are planning to study on the F1 student visa.


      Eligibility is based on academic achievement, leadership experience and preference is given to financial need. Students enrolled in the following graduate schools are eligible:

      • Cook School of Intercultural Studies
      • Rosemead School of Psychology
      • School of Education
      • Talbot School of Theology
      Renewable Status

      Renewable when maintaining minimum grade requirements and on-campus study.


      Private Student Loan

      You may choose to borrow private student loan funds from a U.S.-based private financial institution to help fund your education after all other resources have been exhausted (with a resident cosigner). You may also borrow private student loan funds from a financial institution in your home country, pending certification by the Office of Financial Aid.

      Amount and Interest

      Minimum loan amounts begin at $1,000 and may also be large enough to cover the remaining cost of attendance (varies by lender).

      Maximum loan amounts are determined by subtracting all of a student's financial aid from their cost of attendance for the school year.

      Interest rates vary by lender.


      Students can complete a loan application with their chosen lender, or may look for a lender on our Preferred Lender List. Please note the following additional details:

      1. Part of your loan application will include completing an Applicant Self-Certification Form. This includes calculating your estimated cost of attendance. Learn more about how to do that on our FAQ page.

      June 1 — This is the recommended deadline in order to be processed in time for the beginning of the school year. All loan requests must be received no later than the last day of the semester in which the funds are being requested in order to be processed. Please allow 4–6 weeks for processing.


      Generally, the borrower must be a U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen with a U.S. address, or an international student with a U.S. citizen cosigner (varies per lender).

      Cosigner Requirements

      Criteria varies per lender. Unless you are steadily employed, earn at least $12,000 a year, and have a stable credit history with a good FICO score (over 700), you will more than likely need a cosigner in order to be approved for a private student loan.

      Renewable Status

      No, these loans are not renewable. Students must apply yearly using the application resources linked above.

      Additional Resources

      Know Your Options

      The Office of Financial Aid provides different resources that can help you plan out your finances as you pursue your Biola education.

      Financial Aid Counseling

      Have questions about the process? Connect with your international student admissions counselors for assistance. — they can help.

      Contact Us

      The Office of Financial Aid is here to answer questions you have about the financial aid process. Contact us in person, by phone or email.

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