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International Student Tuition and Costs

As an international student, you play a vital role in elevating the richness of the Biola University community. While the cost to attend Biola is the same for all students based on academic level or program type, we want to make sure you’re aware of the specific costs and fees associated with applying or enrolling.

Undergraduate Student Tuition and Costs

International students studying at the undergraduate level should examine the general tuition and costs for undergraduate students. The information provided details costs like tuition, meal plans, housing and more.

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Graduate Student Tuition and Costs

Graduate student tuition varies based on your specific school and program. The graduate tuition and costs section shares an overview of tuition costs, details of per-credit costs as well as audit fees.

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English Language Scholars Tuition and Costs

Undergraduate students should review the general tuition and costs for undergraduate students. Graduate students should review costs based on your specific graduate school and program (Note: The cost per credit for an AEP course is $624).

Additional International Student Fees

International students applying to Biola and enrolling as undergraduate or graduate students should be aware of a few additional fees along the way. These include a SEVIS visa processing fee, enrollment deposit and more.

Type Cost
SEVIS Fee $350
Application Fee $45 (Undergraduate)
$65 (Graduate)
Application Fee (English Language Scholars) $45
Enrollment Deposit $300 (Undergraduate)
$100 (Graduate)

Questions About Financial Aid

If you have questions about the financial aid process for international students, we’re here to help. Contact the international student admissions team and they can assist you with whatever you need.