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Important Forms

Part of the financial aid process includes filling out important forms and paperwork, all of which help our staff secure you as much financial aid as possible. Forms may change based on your specific needs or the financial aid year you’re applying for (current versus upcoming school year), so make sure to find the forms most relevant to you on your My Account profile. Have questions? Contact our office — we’re here to help.


Make sure to review your My Account profile to see which specific financial aid forms our office has requested from you. We’ve shared a list of additional forms you may need as you complete the financial aid process, but remember to check My Account for new updates and required forms. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the specific financial aid year you’re applying for, and let us know if you have any questions.

Additional Resources

More Financial Aid Tools

The Office of Financial Aid provides different resources that can help you plan out your finances as you pursue your Biola education.

Financial Aid Counseling

Have questions about the process? Call us or come by our office for a drop-in appointment with a knowledgeable financial aid counselor — they can help.

Connect With a Counselor

Contact Us

The Office of Financial Aid is here to answer questions you have about the financial aid process. Contact us in person, by phone or email.

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