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Meet Our Team

Our financial aid team is made up of expert staff members focused on helping the Biola community navigate the financial aid process. Each member of our team is knowledgeable and dedicated, ready to serve you and answer any questions you have.


Geoff Marsh
Senior Director of Financial Aid
Associate Director of Financial Aid, Training and Compliance
Melissa Gonzalez
Associate Director, Online/Modular/Trimester Programs
Theodore Cervantes
Systems Specialist
John Melendrez
Financial Aid Specialist (Federal Direct Loans)
Moon Hui Jung
Financial Aid Specialist (Federal Direct Loans)
Rosanne Zukle
Senior Specialist (Special Programs, R2T4)
Emilee Hidy
Senior Specialist of SAP and Compliance
Becky Langenwalter
Senior Counselor
Kimberly Alvarez
Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Sheena Arroyo
Financial Aid Counselor (Military Benefits)
Hannah Emenaker
Senior Counselor and Student Worker Supervisor
Michele Redmond
Financial Aid Counselor
Faye Maretic
Financial Aid Coordinator - Online Programs
Donna Blackwell
Associate Director
Brooke Fermin
Financial Aid Specialist (Cal Grant and Tuition Waiver)
Erin Song
Award Analyst/Specialist
Heaven Lee
Scholarship Specialist
Cherice Williams
Award Analyst/Specialist
Sarai Hernandez
Receptionist/Office Assistant
Lynn Kelley
Administrative Assistant