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Journalism and Honors Education

Truth-telling for the common good.

No matter the shifts in society, the task of journalism always stays the same: leading people toward understanding through good questions and expert storytelling.

Pairing Journalism and Integrated Media with Torrey Honors offers the ideal training ground for cultivating these skills and the courage required to exercise them. Because no matter your role — reporter, writer or multi-media producer — when you courageously speak the truth, you help society flourish.

Serve Society with Courage and Clarity

As a Torrey Honors and Journalism and Integrated Media student, you’ll learn to love and seek the truth. You’ll strengthen your skills of logic and clear-minded thinking, learning how to ask good questions and dig for the truth no matter where your search leads. You’ll also practice writing with greater clarity and power so that the truth you uncover and share does the greatest good.

Love Your Neighbor by Sharing Their Stories

Good journalism isn’t self-seeking. Reading, discussing and listening to a variety of perspectives in Torrey Honors enhances your ability to enter into the stories of others in order to honor their lived realities and promote the common good. As a journalism and Torrey Honors student, you’ll refine your ability to listen empathetically and use your platform to elevate voices that need to be heard.