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Doctoral Student Wins Prestigious Media Award

March 28, 2011

“Wherever God calls me, I want to be fully present with him and myself,” said Malachy Williams, a current Ph.D. student at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, and a recent winner of a prestigious award for her influence in television. For Williams, a seasoned television writer and producer, her call has broadened beyond media in pop culture to the academy and the church.

At Irving Street and McDonald’s recent 2011 Faces of Black History Event, Williams was honored alongside 18 other “Black Media Legends” including Oprah Winfrey. Besides the prestigious honor of being selected for her trailblazing spirit and achievements Williams had the delight of having her face grace McDonald’s restaurant tray liners for the month of February.

“My Dad, who doesn’t normally eat McDonald’s, was my number one fan — stopping by McDonald’s on his way home from work collecting tray liners,” laughed Williams.

Williams, who has often nominated others for this award, was excited and delighted to receive the recognition.

“It’s been a journey,” said Williams of her career path. Her first internship in broadcast journalism was at a local news bureau in New Jersey, which helped her resume rise to the top when Fox New York was looking for trainees. Moving up quickly, she became a trainee, then soon became a sales assistant and, eventually, an associate producer all within four years. Williams was nominated for her first Emmy (she has been nominated for four) before her 30th birthday.

The constant in Williams life has been being true to herself and following the Lord, even as she felt the Lord lead her to seminary after she received her first Emmy nomination.

“I was nominated for an Emmy and then packed up my bags and drove across country to attend Dallas Theological seminary without a job,” she said.

While studying Media Arts in Ministry with an emphasis in Christian Liturgical Theology at DTS, she practiced preaching and teaching and was able to use the M.A. in dance education she received from Teacher’s College at Columbia University at a local elementary school. As a dancer, minister and producer, Williams commented that most cannot see the common denominator in her life.

“The common thread for me is storytelling,” said Williams. “A preacher has to be able to tell a good story, as does a producer and choreographer and teacher. People want to know how information sticks. More than theories, a story does.”

Williams said she never felt like she left television when studying at DTS, and after completing her degree, she returned to work at Fox, where she currently still works. She is also incorporating her different areas of expertise by teaching at New York Theological Seminary and serving as an associate minister of worship and the arts at her church.

“You may feel like you are off path when following God, but God always brings everything back in line with the direction He is taking you in,” said Williams.

Williams is one of many Biola alumnae making an impact in the professional world for Jesus Christ. Biola honored three women at Biola’s annual Ruby Slippers Awards who are making a difference by serving and inspiring others

Written by Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator. Jenna can be reached at (562) 777-4061 or through email at