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A Shared Road to the Abiding Life

The Journey

The Journey invites anyone thirsty for a deeper understanding and experience of the transforming presence of Christ and the Spirit to join a practical, experiential, and biblically grounded intensive learning community guided by loving shepherds called to care for souls.

The Journey

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Journey Destinations

By the end of The Journey program, each participant will have grown in his or her ability to:

  1. Understand the dynamics of formation in the flesh and in the Spirit
  2. Recognize & cooperate with the presence & work of the Holy Spirit in their life, and within community.
  3. Help others recognize & cooperate with the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in their life, and within community.

Program Overview

The Journey will consist of 4 Quarters that cover the following themes/questions:

Quarter 1 — Early January to mid-March

“What Brings Us Here?”

Understanding the dynamics of the spiritual life that leave us feeling stuck, confused, bored, dry, frustrated, hungry for more, and wanting to know how to better understand & help others in their growth.

Quarter 2 — late-March to early-June

“Who Comes With Us?”

Recognizing the relationships (God and others) that shape and direct our walk of faith for better or for worse.

Quarter 3

“Where Have We Been?”

Learning to recognize, reflect on, and share our story and God’s story.

Quarter 4 — mid–September to mid–November

“Where Shall We Go?”

Discerning the next steps God is calling us to take on our journey of faith.


These themes are explored through a combination of the following elements:

  • Engaging video content
  • Weekly small group meetings
  • Guidance from soul care shepherds (for individuals and groups)
  • Practical experiences for individuals and groups

Who should participate?

The Journey is being designed to help adult Christians who are:

  • Seeking a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit transforms us
  • Feeling stuck in their walk with God
  • Hungering for greater intimacy with God
  • Desiring equipping to help others who are stuck, broken, or wanting to grow
  • Needing practical training in the life of faith

What can I expect?

The Journey will be a one year program designed to fit in the typical rhythms of church, work, and family life while also requiring participants to commit to:

  • Watching approximately 2 hours of weekly video content at their convenience
  • Participating in weekly 1.5 hour small group meetings with other participants
  • Spending about 1 hour a week in practical exercises (mainly “prayer projects”)
  • Meeting 1 time a month for 1 hour with a spiritual director
  • 4 retreats (2 overnight retreats and 2 day retreats)