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A Christian Honors College in Southern California

Torrey Honors College is the undergraduate college honors program at Biola University. We bring together students with different backgrounds from all over the world in pursuit of the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

At Torrey Honors College, students read deeply from some of the best books ever written. They gather with close friends to spend hundreds of hours in discussion, searching out answers to big questions together — all while guided by a faculty mentor. And when they graduate, students enter a community dedicated to lifelong learning and pursuing Christ both personally and vocationally.


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Integrated Honors Education

Classical Learning For All Majors

Employers in all fields are looking for creative and adaptive thinkers. Leaders who can work collaboratively and think critically. That’s why Torrey Honors College is designed to fit with any Biola degree. As an alternate path for completing Biola’s core curriculum requirements, Torrey Honors College allows students to experience the best of classical learning — no matter their major.

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Torrey Honors College and Biola’s Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts

Students who enroll in both Torrey Honors College and the Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts have access to a unique education designed to equip and train storytellers who can think critically, discern truth and communicate compassionately.

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