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We practice a different kind of honors education.

Torrey Honors College is Biola University's undergraduate honors program. An alternate path for fulfilling nearly all of Biola’s general education requirements, Torrey Honors brings together curious, sharp thinkers from all majors and backgrounds to pursue the Good, True and Beautiful. It’s an innovative classical honors program with Christ at the center.

Education isn’t just about shaping what you think. It should change who you are and how you live. Torrey Honors College classes will empower and transform you, not just pressure you to compete. Collaborate with your peers to uncover timeless truths. Discover the meaning of loving God with your whole mind and heart — becoming more compassionate, disciplined and joyful in the process.

About Torrey Honors College

Admissions Process

Why choose Torrey Honors College?

Engaging Discussion

We learn from authors who have shaped the world as we know it — and from one another. Our classes are group discussions that dig into timeless texts where we seek truth and apply what we read to our lives.

Enduring Community

As your world shifts each semester, your Torrey Honors community stays constant. You’ll be learning alongside the same fifteen people, so you’ll build rich friendships that will challenge, support, and shape you.

Unparalleled Mentorship

You won’t find mentorship like this anywhere else. A Torrey Honors faculty mentor will intentionally invest in your intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth for four years,  offering graduate school-quality mentorship at the undergraduate level.

Collaborative Environment

We’re not here to outsmart or outperform each other. We’re here to learn together. When we come to class prepared to listen and contribute, we’re able to see the text from multiple perspectives and draw nearer to a fuller portrait of truth.

Interdisciplinary Learning

You learn alongside students from all majors, so you can discover how biology informs Plato’s Republic and see how art shapes the way we read Frankenstein. We recognize our need for one another and practice integrative learning from day one.

Character Formation

As you take responsibility for your education and engage with your peers, the way you think, communicate, and relate to others will shift. You’ll see the world differently, changing as you seek the Good, True and Beautiful — Christ himself.

Professional Preparation

Employers are looking for adaptive learners. The ability to synthesize and articulate ideas, respond constructively to criticism, and act with integrity will make you an asset to any team in any career.

Here’s who we’re looking for

Torrey Honors is distinct from other honors programs. Though Torrey Honors students often have outstanding GPAs or test scores, we believe your ability to learn can’t be reduced to a number. Students who thrive within our community are:


Our students wonder about the world. They ask questions, test ideas, and enjoy discovering connections between different disciplines. Put simply: they love learning.


We’ll be upfront: Torrey Honors is a world-class, rigorous academic program. To succeed here, you need to be willing to give your all.


Justice. Grace. Humility. We’re committed to understanding and practicing these together, living lives increasingly conformed to the image of Christ.


We require you to ask weighty questions and wrestle with weightier realities. You’ll need to be brave — but you won’t have to journey alone.


You’ll need the grit to keep going when hard questions don’t have easy answers. We promise the reward is worth the effort.

If that’s you, apply today.

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