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Courses | B.A. in Early Childhood

Below are the course requirements for this academic program. In addition to these program-specific requirements, all majors include Biola's traditional undergraduate core curriculum. For more program details, including a sample course sequence, visit Biola's academic catalog.

Writing Competency

Every Biola student must fulfill the Writing Competency Requirement (WCR). Students fulfill the WCR by passing ENGL 313 with a C+ or better. If they fail to meet this requirement, they must consult with their major advisor for an alternative WCR pathway. For more information, see the section titled "Writing Competency Requirement" under the Admission, Enrollment and Graduation Requirements section.  

Curriculum Requirements

Integration Seminar Requirement

Early Childhood majors must take the following course to meet their Bible Integration requirement: BBST 465 as "Christian Philosophy of Education."

Program-Specific Core Curriculum Course
Introduction to Psychology
Program Courses
APSY 425Psychology of Marriage and Family Life3
LEDU 335Child Development: Birth through Adolescence3
LEDU 342Introduction to Spiritual Formation for Educators3
LEDU 355Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
LEDU 356Early Childhood Curriculum3
LEDU 357School/Family/Community Partnerships in Early Childhood Urban Settings3
LEDU 358Classroom Management in Early Childhood Settings3
LEDU 359Observation and Assessment of Young Children3
LEDU 360Early Childhood Practicum3
LEDU 370Language, Literacy and Biliteracy in Early Childhood3
LEDU 371Developing and Administering Early Care and Education Programs3
LEDU 389Spiritual Formation for Young Children3
LEDU (Education) Elective 13
Program Course Requirements: 39 credits
Core Curriculum Requirements 274
General Electives7
Total Credits120

This course can be lower division if the 24 upper division credit requirement within the major has been met.


See Core Curriculum Program section for details.

Major and Child Development Permit(s) Requirements

Certificate of Clearance/Fingerprint Clearance and Tuberculosis (TB) Test

Candidates must obtain a Certificate of Clearance/fingerprint clearance and submit valid TB tests prior to registering for early childhood courses with fieldwork. Fees required.

Taskstream Subscription

Candidates must have a paid subscription to Taskstream while taking early childhood courses that require fieldwork.

Fieldwork Evaluation

Candidates must obtain good to excellent scores in each fieldwork evaluation for early childhood courses that require fieldwork.

Minimum Grades and GPA Requirements

Students must receive a grade of "C" or higher in all early childhood courses in order to apply for the California Child Development Permit(s).

Advisor Contact

Candidates are required to meet regularly with an advisor in their major to ensure that all requirements are met.

California Child Development Permits

The early childhood education program at Biola’s School of Education offers state-approved coursework required for five of California’s Child Development Permits. After completing the early childhood coursework, you will be better prepared to provide service in the care, development, and instruction of children in a child care and development program. 

After successfully completing the required early childhood coursework and the associated requirements, candidates make an appointment with a credential analyst in the School of Education at Biola University and apply for the California Child Development Permit(s) from the State of California's Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

The Early Childhood degrees leading to a California Child Development permits at Biola University are subject to change in response to new legislation and for accreditation/reporting purposes. Please see a credential analyst for current information on completing the requirements for child development permits.

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