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Faculty and Staff

The School of Education team is made up of skilled faculty and dedicated staff members focused on helping our students succeed. Our fully doctored, full-time faculty have decades of experience in a variety of educational settings, and avidly conduct research and pursue advancements in the field of education. Their wide range of expertise, coupled with the support of our engaged staff, will ensure your experience at the School of Education is positive and enriching.


Adjunct Faculty, School of Education & Spiritual Director for the Center for Spiritual Renewal
Associate Professor
Interim Director of Elementary Education
Liberal Studies Chair
Associate Dean, Graduate Chair, School of Education
Director of Secondary Education
Adjunct Professor and Administrative Assistant of MS/SS Programs
Induction Coach
Kay Henry
Administrative Assistant / Office Manager
Dean, School of Education
Adjunct, Online MS SS Cred
Adjunct, School of Education, Adjunct, New Testament
Professor and Chair of TESOL
Adjunct Professor
Asst Professor, Teacher Prep
Chair of Early Childhood
Associate Professor of Nursing
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Steven Shin
Program Coordinator & Admissions Liaison
Melinda Soto
Manager of Certification and Academic Advising
Professor and Faculty Emeritus
Program Chair, Mathematics
Kimberly Van Lant
Program Coordinator for Early Childhood
Executive Assistant
Director of Special Education
Adjunct, Online MS SS Cred
Student Teaching and Field Placement Coordinator
Program Coordinator for Special Education & LS
Melissa Klausman
Credential Analyst / Academic Advisor