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Understand Your Audience

Craft Strategies that Impact the World

A public relations professional is responsible for how organizations build relationships through strategic communication. Ultimately, you learn the art and science required to manage how the organization is perceived by the world — their key audiences, their primary stakeholders. As you dive into our public relations curriculum, you’ll learn how creative communications strategies, multi-platform content and ethical counsel can impact public perception. You’ll learn about crisis communication and reputation management theories. You’ll hone your writing skills for media relations and other corporate communication practices.

Our wide range of public relations bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and certificates give you the opportunity to dive into all aspects of public relations, from entertainment and leadership to social media and agency work. Explore our program pages below for more information.

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You can put your public relations education to practice before you finish your degree! Students can get involved with our on-campus PR student groups and so much more.

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