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Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the Child Development Permits program must meet and maintain the following requirements during their program:

  1. GPA Requirement
    Students must receive a grade of “C” or higher in all program courses.
  2. Prerequisite Requirements
    SEED 535 or equivalent
  3. TB Test
    For California residents
    — Students must submit documentation of tuberculosis (TB) test clearance administered or TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire 3 months prior to starting early childhood coursework.
  4. Certificate of Clearance
    For California residents
    — Students must obtain a Certificate of Clearance through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).
  5. Fieldwork Requirements
    Below are the course fieldwork requirements that must be met by students:
    • SEED 556: 9 hours in a preschool setting
    • SEED 557: 18 hours in a TK or Kinder setting
    • SEED 558: 9 hours in a K or 1st Grade setting
    • SEED 559: 12 hours In a 1st or 2nd Grade setting
    • SEED 579: 75 hours in a preschool setting (must be completed in California)

    For California residents — Students must download the Fieldwork Assignment Guide, and fill out Online Fieldwork Placement Site Request Form by the second week of the semester. Students will be placed in sites that meet the following criteria:

    • Cannot be in a school where a family member teaches or works
    • Must be in a WASC-accredited school
    • Must be an approved, CDP Level 4 — permitted Master Teacher or equivalent
    • Cannot be a previous placement
    • Child Development Permit candidates must be in compliance with NAEYC Standard 7:
      • Standard 7A — Opportunities to observe and practice in at least two of the three early childhood age groups (birth-age 3, 3-5, 5-8)
      • Standard 7B — Opportunities to observe and practice in at least two of the three main types of early education settings (early school grades, child care centers and homes, Head Start programs)

    For non-California residents — The School of Education will not place students taking early childhood courses outside of California. The following three steps must be completed every semester:

    1. Complete an Online Fieldwork Placement Site Request Form by the second week of the semester.
    2. Request an Early Childhood Field Placement Letter from the School of Education (
    3. Contact schools in local area, and find a placement that meets the course fieldwork requirement. This should be a classroom that engages in developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate practices. Additionally, the early childhood classroom teacher should have at least three years teaching experience in the current early childhood grade level.
  6. Applying for and renewing Child Development Permit
    • Applying for permit
      Once students have completed all of their early childhood coursework with a “C” or higher, they can apply through the School of Education for a California Child Development Permit. Students must make an appointment with a credential analyst to verify completion of all requirements and complete the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) application for the desired permit level. An appointment can be made by calling the School of Education at (562) 903-4843.
    • Professional growth for permit renewal
      Upon earning a Child Development Permit and receiving employment in an early childhood education setting, the permit holder must identify a professional growth advisor at the place of employment and schedule an appointment to develop a professional growth plan. The plan will need to be signed by the permit holder’s professional growth advisor to be eligible for permit renewal (every 5 years). Professional growth is required for all permit renewals except the Associate Teacher Permit. If a qualified professional growth advisor is not available at the place of employment, the permit holder may contact Biola to see if a professional growth advisor is available through the School of Education.
  7. Folding permit coursework into a master’s degree
    Students can fold their Child Development Permit coursework into a master’s degree by submitting a Change of Program Request for the Masters of Arts in Teaching, Early Childhood; or Masters of Arts in Education, Early Childhood. Upon approval, students will need to complete the remaining master’s degree courses. Permit courses folded into master’s degree must allow students to maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

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