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Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the Multiple Subject Credential program must meet and maintain the following requirements during their program:

  1. GPA Requirement
    Students must maintain a “B-” or higher in all credential courses.
  2. RICA State Examination
    Students earning a California Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential must pass the RICA exam by the time they finish their credential program.
  3. Basic Skills Requirement
    Students must meet the Basic Skills Requirement to apply for student teaching. 
  4. Complete subject matter program or pass subtest of CSET
    To apply for student teaching, students must present evidence of passing all subtests of the CSET or a letter verifying completion of a state-approved subject matter program.
  5. U.S. Constitution Requirement
    To apply for student teaching, the U.S. Constitution requirement must be met by coursework, exam or CSU degree.
    • Biola coursework: Earn a “C” or better in HIST 107, HIST 108, HIST 200, YMDT 201, YMDT 220, or POSC 225. Students receiving AP college credit for these courses will also meet this requirement.
    • Transfer coursework: Submission of a transcript and a course description or verification letter from college that indicates the U.S. Constitution requirement has been met.
    • Exam: U.S. Constitution competency exam is available at Biola University in September and January. Exams are also given at other universities, or online through the U.S. Constitution Exam website.
    • Degree: B.A./B.S. degree at a CSU campus (UC degree holders must meet the requirement from either of the two options listed above).
  6. CPR Certification
    Students must earn their CPR certification during the course of their program (infant, child and adult). American Heart Association or American Red Cross guidelines must be met. No fully online courses accepted.
  7. TB Test
    Students must submit documentation of tuberculosis (TB) test clearance administered or the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire three months prior to starting credential coursework.
  8. Teacher Preparation and Pedagogy Coursework
    All candidates for the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential must complete the following teacher preparation courses and subject-specific pedagogy course. Please meet with an academic advisor for course scheduling options:
    • LEDU 301 / SEED 519
    • LEDU 420 / SEED 520
    • LEDU 341 / SEED 541
    • LEDU 330 / SEED 526
    • LEDU 434 / SEED 538
    • ARTS 306 / SEED 507
    • MUSC 310 / SEED 508
    • LEDU 309 / SEED 509
    • KNES 201 / SEED 516
    • LEDU 336 / SEED 536
    • LEDU 337 / SEED 537
    • LEDU 380 / SEED 549
  9. Teaching Performance Assessments
    California law requires potential teachers to pass Teaching Performance Assessments (CalTPAs) as one of the steps to earning a teaching credential. These assessments — made up of two cycles — are designed to measure how well a candidate meets the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), which define what teachers should know and be able to do. CalTPA Cycle 1 is taken during LEDU 434 / SEED 538, and CalTPA Cycle 2 is taken during LEDU 440 / SEED 512.

    Details regarding the CalTPAs and TPEs are available from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

    Passage of both CalTPA cycles is required in order to receive formal recommendation from Biola for a California Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential.
  10. Field Experience Requirements
    The following credential courses have field experience requirements that must be met by students:
    • LEDU 301 / SEED 519: 15 hours (may be reduced for full-time teachers)
    • LEDU 341 / SEED 541: 20 hours
    • LEDU 420 / SEED 520: 35 hours (may be reduced for full-time teachers)
    • LEDU 434 / SEED 538: 60 hours (may be reduced for full-time teachers)

    Each student’s fieldwork placements are determined by the Field Placement Coordinator. Students can request a specific school/teacher for the following semester's placement. In order to make this request, the Fieldwork Placement Request Appeal must be filled out and returned to the Field Placement Coordinator before the last day of class in the previous semester. A submission of this form does not guarantee a student’s request will be fulfilled. The decision to grant the request will be determined by the Director of Elementary Education. Students will be notified by email whether or not their request was approved. If approved, the requested placement must meet the following criteria:

    • Cannot be in a school where a family member teaches or works
    • Must be with a fully credentialed teacher who has EL Authorization and at least three years of experience
    • Cannot be a previous placement
  11. Student Teaching Requirement
    Student teaching is the final set of courses in earning a California Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential. Students will enroll in both LEDU 440 / SEED 512 and LEDU 442 / SEED 513. Students will have two full-time, eight-week placements in WASC-accredited schools — one in a lower grade and the other in an upper grade. Biola University supervisors mentor student teachers by making regular site visitations and giving weekly seminars.

    Overseas Student Teaching
    Students have the opportunity to student teach overseas in a variety of countries in accredited K-12 international and private schools. An overseas assignment can count as one of the two student teaching placements. The other must be completed at a California public school. Below is the two-part process to apply to student teach overseas:
    • Phase I: Initial Interest
      1. Complete the Overseas Student Teaching Interest Form one year before student teaching.
      2. Schedule an an appointment with the Director of Elementary Education by calling the School of Education front desk (562) 903-4843.
    • Phase II: Application
      1. If permission is granted to apply, complete CCTECC application (sent by email).
      2. Submit application along with two letters of recommendation to the Field Placement Coordinator.
      3. Schedule an interview with the Director of Elementary Education. 
  12. Applying for California Credential
    Once students have completed all of their California preliminary credential requirements, they must apply through the School of Education in order to be formally recommended for their credential. Students must complete the following steps:
    • Meet with a Biola Credential Analyst
      Make an appointment with a credential analyst in the School of Education by calling (562) 903-4843.
    • Bring the following requirements
      1. Application processing fee (check payable to Biola University)
      2. Basic Skills Requirement official passing scores
      3. CSET official passing scores or subject matter verification letter
      4. RICA official passing scores
      5. U.S. Constitution (official transcripts or scores)
      6. CPR certification
      7. Valid Certificate of Clearance
      8. CalTPA Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 official passing scores
      9. Official transcripts verifying bachelor's degree and passage of all credential coursework (not needed if baccalaureate is from Biola University).
  13. Applying for ACSI Credential (optional)
    After meeting the California preliminary credential requirements, students will be eligible for the ACSI Teacher Certification, with the addition of SEED 501, 570, and TTBE 732 (a baccalaureate from Biola meets this requirement with BBST 465 and 6 credits of Bible). Students will apply directly to ACSI.
  14. Intern Track available
    The intern track involves successful completion of intern prerequisites; this is then followed by completion of coursework while employed as a paid full-time multiple or single subject teacher under our intern credential.